RW Perio Review

A few weeks ago I visited, RW Perio. This is a specialist periodontal clinic based in the heart of London. The clinic is dedicated to the treatment of periodontal (gum) diseases, in a comfortable and caring environment.

Upon arrival I was introduced to periodontist, Dr Wadia. She is an expert in her field, so I knew my gums and teeth were in good hands. After not going to a dentist since I first moved to the UK, three and a half years ago… I must admit I was a little nervous. Luckily Dr Wadia was very kind and didn’t judge me too much for being a little lax with my dental care. If all dentists and periodontists were like Dr Wadia, maybe people would go more often.

My appointment consisted of a consultation, gum health assessment, tailored advice on how to look after my teeth and gums and finally an Airflow treatment for stain removal. The treatment costs £180 and takes 45 mins. While this might seem a little expensive, it’s better to pay for prevention than spend £1000 fixing the damage gum disease can do.

After taking photos of my gums and teeth and the health assessment, luckily it proved that I needed no fillings and my gums were quite healthy. The airflow treatment was also painless and very quick. I certainly left with white shiny teeth. I won’t include before and after pictures, because nobody wants to see my teeth all over their screens.

I’ve included the handy 10 step guide to healthy gums provided to me when I left the clinic. It’s a good reminder that it is just as important to look after not only our teeth, but our gums as well.

For more information about the clinic, visit the website:


Lister House,

11-12 Wimpole Street, W1G 9ST

Social Media: @rwperio

Social Media: @reenawadia