Sumosan Twiga – uptown brunch review

On Saturday we followed the ‘call of the disco ball’ uptown to fashionable Knightsbridge to attend Sumosan Twiga’s Uptown Brunch. From the outside the venue is unassuming, nestled among Sloane Street’s high-end shops. Inside the venue is expansive; set across three floors it houses a restaurant, nightclub and bar. The only giveaway to the event ahead was the mirrored balled dancers and metallic tinsel that greeted us as we ascended the spiralling staircase to the second floor. The elegant contemporary restaurant is glamorous, black and white monochrome interior with accents of bronze.  Sleek leather chairs, marble accents, huge mirrors, the large fireplace adds to the luxuriousness. Black and white-framed photos adorn the walls, while huge bookcases housing fashion books remind guests of the location.
The atmosphere was loud with largely big groups in attendance, the music from the DJ stand, was equally loud and uplifting, setting the tone for the afternoon and had us instantly swaying at our table. Other than my love for 70s and 80’s soul and funk, the menu, what promised to be a fusion of Italian and Japanese dishes, tempted me. The sharing platter and light bites are standard for each table, with a choice of main, which you pre order at the start. I opted for Grilled Chicken while my guest ordered the Chargrilled Beef Rib Eye.

The starter and light bites were served together and whilst I cannot fault the presentation of the food, I was slightly disappointed on the ratio of food on offer. The Salmon and Kumquat Tiradito was delicious, a combination of sweet tanginess and spice really complimented the fresh salmon The Maki rolls served with ginger and wasabi offered a nice selection from Crab, Avocado and Orange Tobiko to Tuna Avocado and Sesame, however only two Tomato and Mozzarella Gnocchi’s were served. They were light and fluffy with a lovely rich sauce, it was shame there wasn’t more to enjoy.

The Burrata had interesting texture but the flavour from the white truffle was subdued. We found this dish too creamy for both our taste buds, palatable only when paired with the seasoned spinach salad. Personally I would have loved a drizzle of herby olive oil, balsamic or pesto to cut through the creaminess.
For the main, I enjoyed my chicken it was juicy and flavoursome with a sweet savoury and tangy teriyaki glaze and a subtle kick from the toragashi spice. My guest enjoyed her medium steak, the rosemary butter adding a nice richness. The accompanying colourful seasonal roasted veg and tomatoes salad were lightly seasoned and complimented our choice of main.
Dessert of seasonal fresh fruit platter included dragon fruit and was refreshing and beautifully presented with sparkles for added theatrics. I was really looking forward to the ‘selection’ of mochi that comprised of just 2 mochi ice cream balls cut in half. They were moorish and I would have happily had less fruit in return. Alternatively a sample of Tiramisu from the main menu would have really brought home the fusion theme.
While the brunch offers free flowing drinks including Veuve Clicquot champagne we opted for an aperitif of Espresso martinis, followed by one cocktail option throughout the afternoon. My dining companion opted for refreshing cocktails, Fiero Spritz and Sake mule. However rather disappointedly while the first few started off strong, as the afternoon progressed my orders lacked consistency in strength and alcohol content. Also, given it was a very busy and loud; it was difficult to grab attention to reorder drinks. But saying that when we did, they arrived quickly and always served with a smile.
Looking around the tables, the unlimited drinks and party atmosphere was more of a focus than the food (on our visit at least). Live entertainment was amazing, the singer shimmied her way through three outfit changes among the tables, entertaining guests with her stunning powerful vocals encouraging guests to sing along. We were also captivated by the talented and engaging saxophonist, guests were either swaying in their seats, or on their toes for both entertainers.
The uplifting DJ set throughout the afternoon from the fantastic DJ Tasty Lopez was on point, she pulled all the well-known disco, soul and funk party anthems out the bag. My guest and I were on our feet from early on as were the fun loving group of ladies on the table behind us. By mid afternoon (and after a few drinks) there wasn’t one person seated. And by the end of our main, the restaurant had turned into a real club party vibe, with curtains drawn and disco ball lights on, honestly it was so much fun, I haven’t danced like that since…well March 2020!

Overall the food was nice but the atmosphere, live entertainment and music is what made this an unbeatable Saturday afternoon. It’s a brunch to come and let your hair down; the uptown funk definitely got us!
Sumosan Twiga’s Uptown Brunch menu takes place every Saturday, 12-4PM. Book here
Written by: Eboni Addoh

Photography courtesy of Samosan Twiga