The Duppy Share is the name given to the rum that evaporates during the aging process (The Angel’s Share in whisky), and legend dictates that mischievous spirits called Duppies swoop between distilleries, stealing the best of the rum. Possessed by the Caribbean rhythms, their bodies contort from creature to creature.
This Halloween, the UK’s best-selling premium rum brand is calling mischief-makers to embrace the playful spirit of the Duppies with two spooky serves featuring The Duppy Share Aged and The Duppy Share Spiced.

The Duppy Defender
1. 50ml Duppy Share Aged
2. Fever Tree Smoky Ginger Ale
3. Candied ginger
Pour the rum over an ice cube, then top with the ginger ale and garnish with candied ginger to finish.

Killer Duppy
1. 50ml Duppy Share Aged
2. Apricot brandy
3. Blue curaçao
4. Orange juice
5. Pineapple juice
Combine the Duppy Share Aged with apricot brandy, blue curaçao, orange and pineapple juice in a shaker. Shake all of the ingredients and finish with a squeeze of fresh lime juice to complete the serve.
The Duppy Share Aged is available via, Waitrose, Amazon, John Lewis and ASDA for RRP £27.50/70cl bottle.

The Duppy Share Spiced is available via Selfridges, Master of Malt and for £26.50 RRP/70cl bottle.

To make Halloween extra special, why not personalise your bottle of The Duppy Share Aged? Visit to spread the rum love RRP £36.00/70cl bottle.
If you’re out and about on Halloween, you can enjoy The Duppy Share at Pergola, The Prince, or in Young’s pubs across London. The Duppy Share is also available in leading bars and restaurants across the UK, including Turtle Bay, Byron, Everyman, Brewdog, Cosy Club and Drafthouse outlets.