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Secret Studio Lab Presents: Something Incredible I Cant Talk About!

If you like surprises and love theatre then the latest offering from Secret Studio Lab is an absolute must see!

Now here comes the difficult bit, I can’t actually tell you anything about it!

The beauty of this project is that it is exactly what it claims to be; a totally secret, immersive theatre experience.   You buy a ticket, receive a text with the location address and a password and the rest will be revealed as you go.


What I can say is that Richard Crawford, the original mastermind of ‘Secret Theatre’ who’s previous sell-out productions include: Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands in a disused New York factory and Diary of a Sociopath in a Theatre Asylum in Hollywood, has raised the bar for immersive theatre to a whole new level with his latest offering.

Set on a secret island in the middle of East London the immersive journey begins from the moment the bridge is lowered. Guided around a number of outdoor locations it wont be long before you discover that what you are watching is a classic love story that has been given an authentic, modern day East London twist.

Under the direction of Brooke Johnston the cast deliver some truly outstanding performances. You will laugh, you will sympathize and more than likely shed a tear or two but one thing is for sure…you will be thoroughly entertained.

This production will run until the end of August however tickets have almost sold out so move fast if you want to avoid disappointment. Buy a ticket, cross the bridge and enjoy the ride…I promise you wont regret it.

For more information: / @secret_theatre

Reporter: Carolyn Owlett


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