Senor Ceviche: A South American Sensation!

Winter fever has truly arrived. As you hurry down Oxford street, frantically grabbing anything that looks remotely like it could be a Christmas present (or buying all your Christmas presents at Tiger), wrapped head to toe in woolen scarfs, hats, gloves with only a small eye slit for intermittent iPhone addict dodging; it’s great to find a close sanctuary to peel off the layers and relax away from the madness.

Luckily Kingly Court is the newest food haven in town. Filled to the brim with an eclectic mix of restaurants, there is a cuisine to suit every taste.


As the chilly wind blew it swept us into Señor Ceviche, an 8 week old Peruvian restaurant on the 2nd floor of the court. Immediately upon entering we were hit with an Latin American vibe; sweet tunes, bright kooky decor and staff with a smile.

We were seated and left to peruse the menu which is served in a tapas-esque manner. The menu presents small (para picar), ceviche (fresh seafood dishes marinated in lime, spice and served in tiger milk) and larger Peruvian BBQ dishes with a selection of sides.

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Before long our waiter came over to take our drink order. He recommended ceviches awesome cocktails, and although there was a list he tempted us into choosing our favourite ingredients and he would tailor make our cocktail. I’m a vodka and passion fruit fiend, whereas my guest is bonkers about rum and ginger beer. Off he skipped and 10 minutes later came back armed with cocktail bliss. Mine was sweet, punchy and went down a little too easy! My friends was stronger and earthier, he packed a punch! This attention to detail really made us feel at home! The waiter really knew his stuff.

Back to the food menu. We opted for chifa chicharonnes (pork belly), the señor ceviche (sea bream and squid), the spaniard (white fish and prawns), the vegetarian chimbote (with sweet potato, asparagus, giant corn and passion fruit), the super chargrilled chicken, patatas bravas (fries!) and beets and greens.


The plates come out as and when, so they are fresh and steaming! Our pork belly was first. Crunchy skin with lovely fatty layers, smothered in a cheesy, soya sauce mayo. Next our ceviche dishes, which were all fresh and tangy. They reminded us of chineses Kimchee slaw with a pickled lime-y taste. The beets and greens were next, which I loved. Really earthy and crunchy. The fries had been topped with some AMAZING tomato salsa and cheesey sauce. They tasted like a pizza, and oh my goodness they were gone in a flash. Last to rock up to the table was the super chicken. Mouth-wateringly succulent and lying on a bed of aji rocotto mayonnaise, the meat has a smoky taste and certainly filled the gap.

The beautiful thing about tapas is they leave room for pudding! So we shared the passion fruit posset and chocolate brownie. The brownie was teamed with a scoop of coconut ice cream sat atop a beautifully sweet layer of honey (such a gorgeous added touch), and while sweet and sticky didn’t lie to heavy in your tum. The posset was laced with a gorgeous passionfruit flavour, and made a lovely end of meal dessert.

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We chatted to Harry Edmeades, founder of Ceviche. He told us the Peruvian pop-up has at last found a home in Kingly Court. Inspired by his travels, Harry is constantly refining his ceviche cooking skills, and has set out to make Señor Ceviche a leading name on he London restaurant scene!

Our dining experience at señor ceviche was fantastic. Great staff, a beautifully cooked array of foods and some kick arse cocktails. Our only mistake we made was ordering 3 ceviche dishes as on the menu they sounded quite different, however (although beautifully fresh and tasty) they were rather similar. We should have opted for two BBQ dishes, but you live and learn! And we pass this knowledge onto you!

Check out the food and drink menus!

Reporter: Aspen Glencross & Mother Goose Glencross @GollumCrackCorn



Señor Ceviche

Kingly Court, Soho



Twitter: @SenorCevicheLDN