Shadow over Southwark


Fire Hazard Presents

Shadow Over Southwark

Street games team transforms a hidden woodland into a thrilling real­world escape.

This Autumn, players will dash through the Russia Dock Woodlands after dark, cracking cryptic clues and escaping from Lovecraftian horrors. The players will have just 75 minutes to save the city from disaster ­ and make it back in time for tea. Terrifying costumes, cutting­edge technology and live scoring combine into a high­stakes adventure where every decision counts!

“A truly thrilling and immersive experience” – The Metro, on Undercover

Shadow Over Southwark makes use of the latest technology, stitching internet­connected Arduinos into its costumes to power the gameplay and dramatic effects. iBeacon technology means that, even if the Shadows can’t see the players, they will be able to sense their presence, while live clues appearing on players’ phones mean that everything can change in an instant.

The game builds on the success of Shadow Over Shoreditch, last year’s hit Halloween adventure. “After extending the run twice in 2015, we’re tripling our capacity this year”, says founder Gwyn Morfey. Up to a hundred adventurers will take on the challenge each night, in teams of up to five.

Would­ be ghostbusters will need their brains as well as their running shoes. “Every Shadow has a weakness,” says game designer Elizabeth Simoens. “If you can outwit them, you won’t have to outrun them. There’s lots of room for strategy, and cryptic clues everywhere. Couples, groups of friends and work colleagues with strong teamwork will do really well at this.”

Players might be forgiven for staring when they should be running. “After Shadow Over Shoreditch last year, we’re stepping up our production even further”, says head monster engineer Amy Strike. “One of this year’s Shadows is nearly eight feet high, and we have a movement coach teaching everyone how to move unnaturally. Our office is a scary place right now”.

“Citydash brings live games to the mainstream” ­ The Guardian, on Citydash

With vintage, steampunk­inspired dress encouraged for players, the monsters won’t be the only things looking good. The nearby college will be transformed into the Members Lounge of the secretive Lumos Society, with actors serving cryptic hints before the adventure, and cocktails and congratulations afterwards.

The high­tech proximity detection also makes the game safe, and friendly to a wider audience, notes Morfey: “The Shadows drain your life force (and score!) just by approaching you; they won’t touch you. ” Nervous players can be reassured that the friendly faces of the stewards will be nearby at all times.

While there will be dark paths and jump scares for players who want them, Shadow Over Southwark is more about being an action adventurer than a frightened horror­movie victim. “We’re here to thrill people and to make them into the heroes of the story. We’re expecting a lot more hilarious tales of daring escapes than moments of true terror”, says Gwyn Morfey. “We’ll have cocktails waiting back at the Members Lounge for people to catch their breath, swap stories, and compare scores.”

Fire Hazard is a south London success story. After running its first public game in 2008, it now has a full­time staff of four, running weekly public games as well as private parties and corporate team­building events from its headquarters in a former Bermondsey school.

Shadow Over Southwark runs from 31 September to 26 November. Tickets are £25­ – 30, available from fire­hazard.net/shadow.

Venue: Date: Time:

Shadow over Southwark

Starts at Bacon’s College Tickets: £25 ­- £30
30 Sep ­ 26 Nov Website: fire­hazard.net/shadow 7.00pm, 2hr15 Media contact : Jake Tucker

Telephone +44 20 3322 7086 Email jake@fire­hazard.net Website http://fire­hazard.net/ social media: facebook.com/firehazardgames @firehazardgames