Sharing Is Caring

The biggest tech trend for 2019 is the rise of the sharing economy

The millennial generation is tired of paying for upgrade after upgrade in tech with new releases of products coming in hard and fast – with minor changes between items.

Oh, so you’ve added a higher pixel for that smartphone camera and a new voice for Siri or Alexa? Great, let’s add a few hundred pounds onto the price.

According to Tryatec, founded by young entrepreneurs Sabine and Elena, many of those who are in need of these products are unable to afford the high costs. The company recently found that 79% of people only use their gadgets for a maximum of 12 days per year – effectively not getting their money’s worth.

So it’s no surprise that gig economy workers, freelancers, startups and students are turning to sharing platforms – a rising trend in tech that will continue in 2019 – where they can rent other people’s products for cheap, or even share their own, and make some money.

The sharing trend is already popular in holiday renting (Airbnb), pet care (Dogbuddy an Dogvacay), driving (Lyft) and even for people who need random tasks done, like putting IKEA furniture together (Taskrabbit).

“As the economy and working industry changes, so do our tech needs,” said Sabine.

“Many startups, students and freelancers can’t afford or don’t want to spend thousands on tech equipment that might only be used for one job or project. Similarly, people who are often travelling don’t want to carry lots of equipment with them.

“With most industries moving towards a sharing economy, where users can both make and save money, and individuals using their funds in a smarter way, it makes sense that a forward-thinking industry like tech should follow. We’re already seeing it happening but 2019 will see it grow even further with more companies offering a sharing option.