Arts creates world’s first Boyfriend/Girlfriend Exchange Boyfriend/Girlfriend Exchange

Ladies and Gentlemen, 2 Highgate Road, Kentish Town

15th January


Activity based dating site invite frustrated girlfriends and fed-up boyfriends to start the new year afresh. They’ve teamed up with newly opened public toilet turned cocktail bar, Ladies and Gentlemen to create a night where newly minted singletons can meet a beau or belle better deserving of their affections.

On the night, daters will hear a break up friendly playlist including Donna Summer’s I will survive, The Righteous Brothers, You’ve lost that loving feeling and the more contemporary Gotye’s Somebody that I used to know and sip a specially created ‘flush that (wo)man out
of your hair’ punch.

To gain entry to the party, and win a free month’s membership (worth £29) to, just have to tweet what their boyfriend or girlfriend has done that’s dumpworthy. Or you can always take a picture outside the sign and tweet that. Those of a more analogue bent can write the offence on a special ‘swap’ slip and give it in on the night. The best ones will be read out, with the most original winning a great dates they can take a new partner on. Hey, doesn’t want people to ditch their partners. But if your love life down the pan, might as well have some fun! Whether it’s your boyfriend buying you a petrol station present for the very last time. Or you’ve had enough of your girlfriend’s getting drunk and hitting on your Dad. If 2015’s the year you’re going to rip off that bad relationship plaster, might as well do it in style! founder and CEO Matt Janes says “We’re just looking at the lighter side of something that happens at this time of year anyway. ‘we broke up because …’ is a more popular Facebook status update in the two weeks before the Christmas holidays than any other time of the year. This isn’t serious. It’s January for god’s sake, we all need a laugh” In terms of finding someone new at the party you can be sure you’ll meet people who share your sense of humour. It’s guaranteed loo-ser free. And it would make for a fantastic ‘so how did you two meet’ dinner table story…
The first monthly Boyfriend/Girlfriend exchange takes place in Ladies and Gentlemen, Thursday 15th January 2015.

Come, celebrate your new found freedom! And hear the best and worst reasons your fellow party-goers ditched their other halves.


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