Skygarden: London’s Garden in the Sky…..

It’s been criticised for feeling like an airport terminal, perched 3 floors high in the walkie talkie building.

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The Sky Garden is officially London’s highest public garden and amazingly entry is free. With the waiting list for a timed entry slot now rumoured to be over 3 months long, the word on London’s best new freebie is certainly out of the bag.

As soon as you step out of the lift on the 35th floor there’s certainly a Stanstead feel about it, but don’t let that put you off, and to be fair the garden part is pretty sparse but this is totally forgotten when you catch sight of the view.

The first thing you set eyes on is the Shard, slap bang in the middle of your eye line. Luckily you can be smug in the knowledge that you’ve saved yourself the Shards pricy £25 entry fee for effectively the same view perfect for that Shard selfie from the outside terrace. With the Gherkin and Cheese Grater building to the rear, a birds eye view on the Tower of London to your left and the Thames stretching all the way down to the London Eye the view is pretty amazing from all angles.

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With the entry money saved you can splash out at one of the gardens 3 dinning options The Sky Pod located on the atrium floor serves coffees, wine and bar snacks. The Darwin brasserie on the 36th floor offers all day dining from breakfast to dinner with mains from a reasonable £14.50, and If your looking to stretch the budget head for the top floor and the Fenchurch Seafood Bar & Grill the gardens fine dining option.

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So I plumped for a glass of wine from the Sky Pod and grabbed a window seat, be sure to bring a coat as the atrium is kept slightly chilled for the well being of the plants.

My top tip is book a late afternoon slot when the day trippers have gone home and you can watch the sun sink into the Thames, so hurry and book your slot now and if your lucky you might get in before summer. Highly recommended.

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Reporter: Natasha