Review: London Comic Con 2015

So London Super Comic Convention has come and gone, once again cementing itself as one of the undeniable highlights of the UK convention circuit, with a style and a ‘vibe’ all of its own.

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Super ComicCon boasted an array of guest including Neal Adams, John Romita Jr, Garth Ennis, Bill Sienkiewicz, Klaus Janson and Charlie Adlard. Being a complete newbie to ComicCon I have to say I was pleasantly taken aback by the great amount of effort in the CosPlay dept. In some ways it was almost like reliving my childhood, all the comic book heroes in human form, walking amongst one another was an amazing sight to see, even for an adult.

Comics have never really been a huge interest of mine, but ComicCon was fun non the less. It offer an array of stalls each bringing something different to the table.

It was a very friendly atmosphere and everyone was pretty approachable and happy to discuss their work and the process of their creations. I felt at a loss at times because I wasn’t all that clued up on the technical elements of the comic world, I found myself blogging my way through conversations and almost sounding like a journalist again.

My experience was nothing short of fresh. The illustrations were really astounding and creative, that’s really what captured my attention. I couldn’t help but be fascinated at the great attention detail and the patience it must have taken to create some of the work on show. With an array of artists such as Iron Man Artist Bob Layton, Joker and Suiciders artist Lee Bermejo and Ben Oliver whose Spider Gwen was pretty amazing.

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I feel like it would be worth mentioning that there was a great efficiency in the LSCC queuing system. With no real difficulty or over exaggerated queues, it was an extremely fluid process to get in and out which was a great delight. Even upon entering and getting into the event there was great organisation and space to manoeuvre around the excel centre and see what was on show.

By far my favourite part of LSCC was the Cosplay. As you can see from some of the pictures I’d taken, there was such great effort gone into each and it was exhilarating and refreshing to see such passion. It’s a great sight for even a newbie visiting their first ComicCon. I’d highly recommend it to parents as well, you’ll probably end up having more fun than the kids.

Website: www.mcmcomiccon.com/london

Twitter: @LSCC