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SÖND Skincare Review

2015_12_sond_giftset_NCe9xI was recently sent some samples of Sönd, a new anti-ageing skincare range specifically for sensitive and dermatitis-prone skin. While I don’t have sensitive or dermatitis-prone skin, I do find that London’s water and the cold winter weather, has made my cheeks and nose quiet dry and my skin generally not looking the best it should.

While I’m not one who understands the scientific factors behind skin care products, Sönd is said to harness the incredible natural power of silica to boost collagen production and strengthen the skin’s elasticity and firming the skin. While these products have been around since in 2015, Sönd has only just debuted in the UK market this winter.

The Sönd skincare collection consists of 4 individual products; Energising Mineral Supplements, Hydrating Face Spray, Revitalising Face Serum and Replenishing Face Oil. All sounds pretty interesting. My normal skin care routine consists of a pretty similar process so trying out the Sönd skincare collection didn’t lengthen my time getting ready in the morning at all. Now while most of the results are promised after a 28 day period, I only used these products over a four day period and was keen to get my review up online. I did notice some really positive results though so if my skin is already feeling and looking better after four days, imagine how it will look when I keep using the products for longer.


I can’t comment to much on the benefits of the Energising Mineral Supplements (60 capsules – £28.00) as I’m sure these take more than four days to replenish your skin with essential collagen-forming silica to improve the health, function and appearance of your skin from within. Despite this I can let our readers know my thoughts about the other three products in the range.


Hydrating Face Spray (100ml £24.00)  is said to providing instant and long-lasting hydration and supposed to be lightweight and refreshing moisture boost that’s gentle and soothing on sensitive or irritated skin. I didn’t feel like this face spray was as lightweight as it was supposed to be, however, my skin did soak it up quickly and it was quite refreshing. It was also extremely easy to apply and only a couple of sprays coated my whole face.

Revitalising Face Serum (30ml £42.00) – I love a good Serum and one that is formulated to firm, smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles instantly always wins in my books. I did notice my skin feeling tighter and a little bit certainly went a long way. It also made a lovely primer before applying my makeup and I noticed that when applying my concealer underneath my eyes, I didn’t notice as many fine lines or cracking of my makeup. While this isn’t the purpose of this Serum, it was a little side benefit I noticed.



Replenishing Face Oil (30ml £34.00) – Now I’ve noticed a lot of beauty bloggers using Face Oil in their beauty routines and as I have combination skin, I’ve not always been on board. I was surprised that the recommended 1-2 drops of the oil was enough to cover my entire face and neck. The smell was lovely and while peppermint oil is not listed as an ingredient, it’s all I could smell. It wasn’t a strong and overpowering scent though by all means. I tried this product out a few different ways. While wearing makeup I felt that the longevity of my makeup was compromised. The second day I tried the four step system I definitely had to use a lot more translucent powder to soak up the excess oil and had better results. Focusing primarily on my dry problem areas (nose and cheeks) instead of my entire face was the right balance and seemed to be the best way to use this product.

Without makeup though, my skin felt fresher and more youthful. Using the oil primarily on days where you aren’t going to be wearing a large quantity of makeup or a night may be the way to go.2015_12_sond_oilbox__qCZlvAs I said, I only tried the product for four days and I still have 24 days left to sample, but if after four days I’ve noticed my cheeks and nose no longer feel excessively dry and my skin feels smoother. SÖND Skincare must be doing something right. I wish I’d taken before and after photos but I was way too excited to try these products.



For more information regarding SÖND Skincare visit or their social media pages. You can also purchase a starter kit for only £25.00 so you can begin your skin transformation yourself.





Reporter: Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1