Spice Kitchen Review

Spice Kitchen has released two botanical sets to help you enhance your gin and tonic experience: The Gin Botanical Kit and the Gin Botanical Tin with Silk Sari.

The Gin Botanical Kit comes with seven packs of the finest quality spices. This included:
⁃ Rose Petals

⁃ Green cardamon pods

⁃ Star Anise

⁃ Juniper Berries

⁃ Dried Citrus peel

⁃ Pink pepper corns

⁃ Coriander seeds

Each botanical comes in its own resealable packet for freshness and flavour. Sources from high quality botanicals around the world, they are free from artificial flavouring and preservatives. Each order also contains a recipe kit with great cocktails as well as instructions to make your own gin. Ours is still brewing but we’ll share the results soon!

The Gin Botanical Tin with Silk Sari comes with a beautiful artisan tin that will quickly become an indispensable tool for any budding mixologist. The recipe book and the seven botanicals are the same but they come in stainless-steel storage tins, with a small spoon, and handmade silk wrap made from silk sari material.

With either kit, all you need to do is garnish your favourite gin, or you can follow the instructions in the booklet to create some amazing cocktails or for the adventurous- your own gin. These carefully selected spices and botanicals are the perfect accompaniment to create stunning g&ts and are an amazing gift for any g&t lover. They are simply a must have accessory for any gin lover. You don’t have to be a mixologist to have fun.

Spice Kitchen are a family-owned artisanal spice and tea company run by a mother and son focused on honouring their Indian heritage whilst inspiring others to create.

The gin botanical kit retails for £14.95 at Spice Kitchen. It is available at

The Gin Botanical kit with tin and silk sari retails for £29.95. It is available at

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Written by Caitlin Neal