Tasty Delicacies to Try in the USA

We’re dreaming of an escape to America to try America’s best delicacies. Flight Centre have released their 6 favourite dishes you need to try when you visit the states.

  • Chicago dogs

Grab your Cubs tickets, find your seat and order a Chicago dog. This combination of a hot beef frankfurter on a poppy seed bun with peppers, onions, celery salt and pickles is traditionally served at baseball games in the city’s Wrigley Field. Join the fans for the quintessential Chicago experience; just be sure to order yours with mustard otherwise you might be met with scowls of disapproval – ketchup is a definite no-no.

RS cherry pie

  • Cherry pie

Cherries, cherries all around! Take a look along the shores of Lake Michigan and in Door County, Wisconsin for row upon row of cherry trees producing these sweet and juicy fruits. You can buy them fresh from the roadside, or try them cooked up in a traditional Michigan cherry pie. To make one, freshly picked and slightly tart cherries are boiled down and placed into a sweet shortcrust pastry case, then baked until piping hot.

  • Chippers

Love crisps? Love chocolate? Then you’ll love chippers: essentially fried potato chips dipped in chocolate. We all know sweet and salty together makes an irresistible combination and this snack capitalises on that…and then some. Try them at Carol Widman’s Candy Company, Grand Forks, North Dakota, which has sold them for over 100 years. It offers milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter and white almond varieties. Yes please.RS sugar cream pie

  • Sugar cream pie

An Indiana favourite, sugar cream pie is made up of a shortcrust pastry case filled with flour, butter, sugar and cream which is then baked, transforming into a slightly wobbly tart. This is Indiana’s official pie, thought to have originated from 19th century Quaker settlers. It tastes best homemade, of course, but the mass-produced Wick’s Pies version can be found in shops all over the country.

RS Kansas City bbq

  • Kansas City barbecue

Smoked meat, slow cooked over various types of wood, lathered with a thick tomato and treacle sauce and served with chips, Kansas City barbecue has been wowing the Kansans since 1900. Today, there are over 100 speciality barbecue restaurants in the city, which also hosts a number of barbecue cook-offs. Many different meats are used, including pork, beef and lamb, while burnt ends – the tips of meat from a pork brisket – are often served as an accompaniment.

RS chicago style pizza

  • Chicago-style pizza

If you like pizza – and, let’s face it, who doesn’t – then you will love Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza, made in a pan with a high edge. This doesn’t necessarily make for a thick crust, but instead the extra space is taken up with more cheese topping and a thicker tomato sauce. It takes longer to bake Chicago-style pizzas than the flatter variety, and so the toppings are often layered upside down, starting with the cheese and the vegetables or pepperoni and finishing with the tomato sauce, which prevents the cheese from burning and the dough from becoming soggy.

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