GoBoat Review

GoBoat opened in 2017 and proved so popular that this summer it is back. This allows Londoners and tourists to be their own captain and charter an electric boat down the canals. Grant Sweeney, founder of GoBoat London said: “The reaction so far has been incredible, allowing us to open for another season. Because the boats are limited to about 4 miles per hour there is no need for a licence to drive one. People love the freedom of going on their own mini city adventure without a stuffy tour guide”.

ONIN.London were lucky enough to have our own GoBoat experience on the 17th of June 2018 to check out what all the fuss was about. We loved every minute of it and it is an experience we all said, we’d love to do again.

Arriving 15 minutes early as requested, we were given safety talks and blankets to keep us warm. Our friend Dan, volunteered to be captain (or forced if you ask him) was taught how to drive the boat and given the map for the day. There’s quite a few rules to go through, however, this does deter from the fun of the day. The main being that the captain has to be sober and there is a limit of alcohol that each guest can consume.

We then ventured off on our journey taking the recommended route. We had two hours to cruise and found this the perfect time, though GoBoat suggest hiring the boat for three hours. This allows you to fully appreciate the journey from Merchant Square in Paddington through Regent’s Canal to Little Venice, past the London Zoo and on to Camden Lock. It is an absolutely stunning boat ride and you really do see London from a different perspective.

As each boat has a central picnic table, this allowed the five of us to share a picnic and just talk. It really was the loveliest way to end a weekend. So what are you waiting for? Pack a picnic and a bottle of bubbly and round up seven of your friends or closest family members for an enjoyable cruise down the canals. This would have made an ideal date activity as well, because it would have been incredibly romantic with a loved one.

Prices start from £65 for one hour and if you’ve got seven friends or family members joining you… it can cost you as little as £8 per head. A pretty inexpensive afternoon activity for sure. GoBoat is open seven days a week from 10am until dusk. Advance bookings can be made on the GoBoat London website until late October.






Written by Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1