Teatro Pereyra reopens as a cutting-edge theatre and exciting new live music venue for Ibiza

Teatro Pereyra is proud to announce the launch of a spectacular live dinner show: IBIZA HIPPIE HEAVEN devised by Spanish music legend NACHO CANO

A groundbreaking live music dinner show, Ibiza Hippie Heaven, premiered in Ibiza on May 19th at Teatro Pereyra, a cutting-edge new theatre and live music venue. This immersive experience will take audiences on a journey through the captivating history of Ibiza like never before.

The show will be the biggest live music extravaganza yet seen on the island and is set to raise the bar for live entertainment in Ibiza. The production will be the first show at the newly reopened Teatro Pereyra on its 125th anniversary. Having undergone a huge 16-year restoration, this late 19th-century theatre is now reborn as a 21st-century venue, ready to reclaim its status as THE hub for live music and cultural exchanges in Ibiza throughout the year – from May 4th. 

Situated in the heart of the charming La Marina neighbourhood, next to the majestic UNESCO World Heritage-listed Renaissance wall, the reopening of the old Teatro Pereyra is a highly anticipated event on the island. With its rich historical significance, it’s set to become a focal point once again for cultural gatherings in Ibiza Town.

Ibiza Hippie Heaven is a unique musical created by the renowned Spanish musician, composer and producer Nacho Cano, a member of Mecano, one of Spain’s most successful pop bands of all time (with over 25 million records sold). The show promises to transport audiences through time, delving into Ibiza’s bohemian and creative identity shaped by centuries of cultural exchange. 

Featuring an international cast of musicians, actors, and dancers, along with innovative stagecraft and technology, each night promises to be a captivating experience, with themed evenings curated to highlight Ibiza’s cosmopolitan spirit. 

The culinary experience at Ibiza Hippie Heaven will be equally exceptional, with Chef Emiliano Cruceli crafting original dishes inspired by the energy and flavours of the island. From land to sea, each bite is designed to tantalise the taste buds, using the finest ingredients in harmony with the colonial-era architecture of this Balearic jewel.

Teatro Pereyra offers something to suit every mood. Whether enjoying live music at Café Pereyra or sipping cocktails in the elegantly designed Sala Sandoval & Compañía, guests can bask in the charm of La Marina neighbourhood. With its Meyer Sound sound system and stunning French-style architecture, including crystal chandeliers and red velvet boxes, Teatro Pereyra promises a truly glamorous experience.

Teatro Pereyra first opened in 1898 as Ibiza’s first theatre and cinema. Driven by the enlightened elites of the city, it symbolized Ibiza’s flourishing culture at the turn of the century and was the social and cultural epicentre of Ibiza until its closure in 1987. During this time, it hosted all kinds of activities, from theatre to ballroom dances, variety and circus shows, musicals, film screenings, and grand banquets. On the 125th anniversary of its opening, Teatro Pereyra is reborn with the same spirit for which it was created: to be a meeting point, a place of fun and cultural exchange in the heart of Ibiza.

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