Thai Square review

Thai Square is situated in the heart of London’s main theatre district in Covent Garden and an obvious destination for theatre lovers looking for some spice after a show. The restaurant is one of thirteen in and around around London and is characterised by its cool, relaxing ambience, a perfect balance of contemporary design and traditional Thai decorations. Their vaulted dining room is filled with Thai artifacts, statuettes, ornaments and faux pagoda roofing.

We began with butterfly prawns that had been bread crumbed and lightly fried. They were served with a sweet chilli sauce and garnished with shaved beetroot coils and a flowered carrot. The prawns were fresh and the fried bread crumbs were light and not too greasy. The second starter were crabs cakes. They consisted of marinated crab meat mixed with minced chicken and herbs, coated with breadcrumbs and lightly fried. The crab cakes were delicious, moist and mixed with the sweet plum sauce that accompanied them.

It was time for the mains and our first course was ‘The Weeping Tiger’. This dish came sizzling to our table. It was a chargrilled sirloin steak cut into strips, drizzled with a fresh citrusy coriander and herb sauce. The steak came served on a bed of fresh spiced green beans and again presented with shaved beetroot and a decorative carrot. With sticky rice as a side, this generous sized dish would be more than enough to satisfy your hunger before or after a show in one of the local theatres. For lovers of spice I would highly recommend this main course. Not for the faint hearted but full of fire and flavour!

Our second main was the steamed seabass. Beautifully presented and beaming with all the colours you would expect from vibrant Thai food. The fish, covered in a sauce made from lemongrass, limes leaves, garlic and chilli; was cooked to perfection and fell away in flakes with the fork. The seabass was dressed in fresh coriander, red chilli, spring onion and came with a side salad of decorative cucumber, carrot and lettuce. Again with sticky rice to soak up those flavours, this was the winning dish of the night for us.

We ended the meal at Thai Square with a couple of Long Mai Tai’ cocktails. They were a refreshing response to the spice from our main courses. The mix of both light and dark rum along with orange curacou, pineapple juice and grenadine, was the perfect way to end a colourful, delicious and fiery experience.

So next time you’re thinking of catching a show in Covent Garden, why not take a trip to the heart of Thailand, in the heart of London – Thai Square.


Written by Luke Mandie