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The Daiquiri Experiment Review


“We at DrinkUp believe that when it comes to drinking well – knowledge is everything.” (DrinkUp London)


If that is not a true statement I am not sure what is. Once a month you can have the unique experience to learn some of the tricks and methods to make a well-poured classic cocktail. Even the most basic of cocktails deserve an explanation of history and tales that brought these delicious drinks to the well deserved Classic standing. 


Organized and hosted by DrinkUp London at the very unique TT Liquor on Kingsland Road in London we started the Daiquiri Experiment with a designated bar station that was fully equipped with the necessary ingredients and tools to create our own perfect Daiquiri. Each guest of the Masterclass had six small tastings of deliciously different rums to choose from. Our mixologist, Hannah Lanfear, began the class with a little history lesson and backgroundWe were guided through the history of the creation of the Daiquiri followed by a walk through of each rum and itsown history and flavor profiles. We continued to taste and explore the rums to make the decision to our perfect classic.


As we each chose which rum to use, we went through the very easy steps to putting it all together, including suggestions for using “at home” products to make your own sugar syrup and mixer glasses. No need to go out and purchase the professional stuff. 


My perfect classic cocktail included the tasty The Real McCoy rum, which has a fascinating story and where the phrase “it’s The Real McCoy” comes from during the prohibition time in the United States. 

I would write so much more about the history and what I learned but I think it’s better if you hear it from the pros at DrinkUp London. The hosting team was great and the mixologist was extremely informative. It was a great experience to learn about the classic Daiquiri cocktail and rum. I can’t wait to try and experiment at the next one, the Espresso Martini Experiment! Be sure to check out the other events DrinkUp London has to offer and visit their website to book your Cocktail Experiment at!/what/0/where/0/when/0/cost/0/search/ .


Written by Kelsey Lupo


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