The Dentist Review

It’s been awhile since I visited The London Dungeon and it’s great to see they’ve come back with vengeance. This summer the London Dungeon is daring all guests to face their fears in its spine-chilling new show ‘The Dentist’.

Those brave enough to visit the dungeon will experience the barbaric history of Victorian London and learn about the horrors of Jack The Ripper, the plague, the great fire of London and will even learn about the Demon Barber Of Fleet Street! But the new show promises to take guests to visit the blood soaked backstreet surgeon and learn about the gruesome history of dentistry.

A modern day visit to the dentist is a far cry from the horrors greeting those in Victorian times. Londoners would visit back street dentists equipped with a germ infested handful of manual tools and a taste for inflicting pain. Teeth would be pulled, cracked and yanked from sorry individuals, known to pass out with excruciating pain or require restraint from a burly dental assistant whilst the dentist did their very worst. Victorian dentistry even involved grave robbing and the poor selling their teeth for money! Interesting stuff!

It was a thrilling and gruesome show which fit in perfectly throughout the whole experience. Guests visiting along with us shrieked with fear and laughed the whole time. This immersive show is great fun for sure and one I recommend when you’re looking for that next family outing. 

The new London Dungeon show ‘The Dentist’ is running from 24th of July to the 31st of August and is included in the standard ticket price.

With 19 shows and thrilling rides, the London Dungeon promises to bring the city’s dark history to life delivering ample scream-drenched stories and fear-inducing shocks for a summer holiday experience that you’ll never forget.

Book ahead to avoid horrible disappointment:

●        Tickets prices on the door are £30.00 (adult), £24.00 (children), book in advance online to save up to 20%.

●        The London Dungeon is located on the South Bank close to Waterloo and Westminster stations