After over a year of challenges, OSU Apple Cider Vinegar is helping the nation unwind this summer by turning the picturesque Beckenham Place Park Lake in London, into a Japanese Onsen bathing experience. Onsens are traditionally formed on natural springs in Japan, and this is the first time an Onsen-style experience has been available to the public in the UK – refreshment and relaxation is guaranteed, swimwear is optional!
For centuries the Japanese have sworn by bathing daily in the mineral-rich waters, just like they swear by the benefits of enjoying apple cider vinegar daily. In fact, when you visit one of over 3,000 Onsens in Japan, there is often the chance to enjoy apple cider vinegar after you bathe.

The OSU Onsen will offer two mineral-laden, wooden tubs set at a balmy 25 degrees so you can soak the stress away while sipping OSU Apple Cider Vinegar for optimum inside and out revitalisation. There’ll be the option to sample the Japanese premium apple cider vinegar in a range of different ways, either as part of a delicious and nourishing OSU blueberry and pomegranate mocktail, in a sparkling OSU Original and soda, or sipping it in its purest form, whilst gazing out on to beautiful views of the stunning wild swimming lake in an oasis of tranquility, just a stone’s throw from London.
The ‘newest’ ancient tradition to hit the UK is open to the public on 13th and 14th August, and will bring the opportunity to try what the Japanese have been benefitting from for centuries. Secure an OSU Onsen for you and up to five others free of charge and book in for one of the daily sessions here.

Clarisse Fraisse, OSU senior brand manager said “We recently worked with an inspiring team of Japanese nonagenarians (people who are in their 90s) who taught us the importance of daily rituals in establishing a balanced lifestyle, it’s a secret the Japanese have handed down through generations for centuries. This inspired us to transport people to Japan with the first Onsen experience to the UK, where visitors can enjoy calm body and mind with an authentic relaxing soak and OSU Apple Cider Vinegar in-hand.”

Whether it be as a refreshing drink, or as a tangy ingredient in salads, smoothies and marinades, there’s plenty of ways to make OSU apple cider vinegar part of your daily ritual. OSU apple cider vinegar uses centuries-old expertise of crafting vinegars and 100% natural apple juice, and OSU Original was awarded with 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards in 2020, showcasing the taste superiority of the product.

For the brave, you’ll be able to ditch the clothes just like the Japanese do and book a ‘Full Monty sunrise session’. If you prefer to keep your bathing suit on, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

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To book a visit to the OSU Onsen, please visit HERE.