The Essence House

Drink enthusiasts rejoice London Cocktail Week is upon us! To commemorate this celebration of libation ‘The Essence House’ has a newly created a hub in the heart of Convent Garden set to delight cocktail connoisseurs.

This new pop-up spans across two floors of the exquisite Carriage Hall, with new elevated features which are extended until the 24th of October. This includes ‘The London Cocktail Week Bar’, a brand new bar in partnership with the festival, which is open to all members of the public. The menu is laden with mouth-wateringly delicious signature cocktails all using London Essence’s luxury mixer collection. We were there to try the Martin Millers Gin Cocktails and they didn’t disappoint.

On the top floor a small group of us were fortunate enough to partake in an immersive multi sensory event, which excited, inspired, intrigued and enlightened.

I embarked on this journey with Ounal Bailey the founder of London Essence Company. This  experience was curated by Dr Rachel Edwards-Stewart who is one of only a handful of experts dedicated to the science of gastronomy and flavour perception in the UK. The first step was the ‘Palate Profiling Room’. I was taken through a series of interactive taste and aroma test, with the aim of exposing me to new ways to reimagine taste.  This allowed me to become better acquainted with my palate, and gain a fuller understanding of my sensitivity towards sweet, acidic and bitter flavours. It was the science behind my preferences.  Why wasn’t GCSE chemistry this much fun?

The next step allowed us to enter the ‘Effervescence Room’.  Here we learned about the various intricacies of carbonation, bubbles and fizz. Through a series of blind taste tests, I began to understand how carbonation effects flavours.  One particular experiment with ginger pre and post bubbles was very interesting, and refreshing I might add.  Before the Effervescence Room I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but its fascinating to comprehend how these sensations elevate the overall drink experience.

Finally, we were led to ‘The Essence House Kitchen’ were we were given a master class from expert mixologists who highlighted the importance of ice, glassware and garnishing. They also gave some very useful tips on balancing flavour pairings and presentation.  All of which I attentively absorbed, selfishly thinking of my own future dinner parties! We werethen guided to garnish our own bespoke signature beverages, which had been matched from our palate profiles in the earlier tests.  For once my senses didn’t betray me, and the taste was glorious!

Very much can be said of this unique experience overall, it will change and improve the way you enjoy your drinks.  I would highly recommend visiting The London Essence House during this festival. It truly is a feast for your senses.

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Written by Morty Miracles