The Hangover Club – Eggtacular Spectacular

imageFor the past 12 weeks, The Hangover Club has been feeding Londoners in need of a detox, or hair of the dog retox, with a delicious menu from their good friends at The Good Egg company.

Located in The Yard, Hackney Wick, this unique set up has been the brain child of a group of friends who work their nuts off in full time jobs and who couldn’t handle the hangovers that come with letting loose each weekend. Spotting an opportunity, these guys got their heads together to find their quirky location and carefully plot a menu which lines the gut, but also carries on the party.

Set in a location which houses gigs, theatrical performances and doubles up as a rather cosy pop-up restaurant, complete with free Alkaseltzer, the venue is a welcome change from your local pub or greasy spoon.

Teamed with a double sided menu, a selection of healthy smoothies can be found – I highly recommend the dancing tastebuds that comes with the ‘Immunizer’ – a right nice blend of orange and ginger, and signature bloody Mary’s and standard booze on the other, it’s a right treat.

image (1)After sampling my first Bloody Mary in a hipster bar in Williamsburg, I was pleasantly surprised that London can still deliver ‘the edge’ by sampling chorizo infused vodka and a throwing a bacon rasher in the glass. Sweet Virgin Mary meat sweats.

Then there’s the food. On a hangover, I’m one to hit the Kettle Chips and speed dial a curry, but these guys are worth leaving your pit and venturing out for a plate of the most delicious scran your booze battered body needs. I sampled the steak and eggs, which was topped up with a side of potato chips and a pot of gold in the form of chorizo mayo. An absolute treat.

The food itself has come from The Good Egg & I’m filled with sorrow to say that this 12 week bromance with The Hangover Club has come to an unexpected, unfortunate end.

image (2)What does and should excite however, is that The Hangover Club crew are plotting their next venture and will be popping up in the near future. Their plans are yet to be revealed, but going on the success and fantastic set up of this venture, they are most certainly one to watch and one to go and enjoy.

The Hangover Club

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