The Men’s Trend Tracker

With fashion week only just taking place in February just gone, there are some amazing pieces for AW13. However as we are slowly but surely approaching spring summer it’s important not to forget about the amazing SS13 clothes which are currently dropping on the high-street.

I don’t know about you but spring summer is one of my favourite seasons not only because of the warmer climate but it also enables me to be more creative with my wardrobe.
I have put together some of the main trends for SS13 to keep you well on track.
Blue Tailoring - Zara
Blue Tailoring – Zara
The infiltration of blue amongst men’s ready-to-wear collections and tailoring is one of the most evident trends of this season. High-end brands such as Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani focused on petrol, royal and baby blue tones within their collections. To play on this look experiment with both tones and shades. The implementation of a light blue shirt and deep blue tie creates depth and impact for both occasional wear and at work.
You can find some great pieces on the high-street at Massimo Dutti, Topman and Zara.
Floral Print - Balenciaga
Floral Print – Balenciaga
Floral Print Shirt - Hentsch Man
Floral Print Shirt – Hentsch Man
The fashion elite have standardised bold prints within their collections creating very distinctive compositions for the modern man. Balenciaga and Givenchy included bright and vivid patterns in their collections. Working the Hawaiian print into your summer wardrobe is easier than it appears. Don’t be thrown off by the boldness of the print; let the print do all the talking. Tone it down with neutral tones such as beige, camel and off whites to eliminate the boldness of the print. And with floral’s there is an allowance to go slightly crazier as the floral print is commonly more accepting. Whether you’re investing in a shirt, sneakers or even a tie your peers will have a streak of envy…I promise!
Pop into Urban Outfitter’s or browse through Harvey Nichols T-shirt gallery if you want to take a more relaxed approach to the bold print this season.
Silent @ Asos
Silent @ Asos
  It was evident both on the runway and at presentations that this season designers are experimenting with proportions making trousers waistlines higher and jackets and tops significantly shorter and massively longer. This was also worked into traditional pieces such as suit tailoring with Phillip Lim mastering this look this season. Proportionate cuts are beneficial to both the tall and short man. For the taller man; opt for a cropped jacket to emphasize your bottom half. And for the shorter man; high waisted trousers will elongate your legs making them appear much longer.
Head to H&M and All Saint’s to pick up your fashionably affordable take on proportionate styling this season.
By Riccardo McMillan-Wright