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Vintage clothesJust imagine that you have the special powers to be transported back in time to the 1950’s, 40’s, 60’s, 70’s and you get to try on the different trends that they had. Well I had these powers when I walk into a vintage shop. You have all the trends that you can think of under one roof. For the past two years, every month I take a trip to a vintage, thrift or even charity shop. You will really be surprised with the bargains that you can find. Last week I found a Mulberry bag for a great price…….I know some of you may be thinking that they are second hand clothes but remember when you go to a high street shop, someone has probably tried on this piece of clothing before you.

The reason I love vintage shops is just the dazzling celebration of style through the decades. Over the past few years, vintage, charity or thrift shopping has become a huge trend. People are ditching the walks down Oxford Street for unique displayed shops with their distinct smells. Vintage shops are great to shop in because more importantly, you are being green, helping the environment by recycling garments. For those who are high fashion followers, instead of spending loads of money on collections from designers, where there is danger of bumping into someone else wearing it; with vintage you are likely to be the only one in this unique piece. It is also fun to rummage, you will come across the most extraordinary pieces that you would never find on the high street.

Vintage shopping is actually an art, you have to know the best places to go and if you would like to make a day of it, you should consider going to specialist outlets and vintage fairs, many in London. These are favoured and visited by designers. I absolutely adore vintage clothes, and have quite a few garments in my wardrobe. Vintage is very popular these days, perhaps as a reaction to the uniformity of chain stores, with their racks of identical garments.

Here is a list of my favourite vintage shops or stalls: Check out the Recommends section on the right for full details

Beyond Retro

Portobello Road

Brick Lane


Thea Vintage

The East End thrift store

What is your favourite Vintage Store? Ever found a gem you couldn’t live without?

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