The Periodic Food Shop

Time for the weekly food shop. We all know the story, down to the local supermarket, oooh mangoes 2-4-£1, beef half price and milk £1 for 4 litres!

Okay foody environmental and ethical issues have been brought to light in the media recently, with numerous angles to consider. Air miles from overseas produce buuut importation creates diverse economy and jobs. Deforestation. The horsemeat scandal (I’ll never look at IKEA meatballs the same….)

However I am not here to preach/judge or anything of the sort. You guys can totally make your own decisions on each topic. I’m just here to tell you about off the beaten track stuff, and I’m afraid to say supermarkets are definitely ON the beaten track.

So if not the supermarket, where else? I hear you ask!

Basically on a jolly down to Cornishland I took a trip to both Rick Steins (a large consumer of food produce and creator of taste bud tingling cuisine) and Cornish Gouda (keeper of happy cows and supplier of milk & Gouda cheese).

Rick Stein (@Rick_Stein) has a few cheeky chomping shacks down our way.

rickstein's cookery school
Rick Stein’s Cookery School

He sources from local suppliers, the mackerel used in the cookery school we nipped along to were so fresh they were stiff as boards! Rick endeavours to use fishmongers that receive day boat, hand line and hand dived fish to maximise sustainability. It’s not just the fish! They source the best in local produce from Warrens meat to Roddas cream, the local economy is supported.

The freshest food
The freshest mackerel ever

Down at Cornish Gouda (@CornishGoudaCo) the Speirings family own and run a dairy farm, where the cows have access to everything from water beds to a robot milker (which the cows choose to go into, they love it!). Son Giel has set up ‘Cornish Gouda’, a self sufficient cheese making business which utilises 1/5th of the milk the farm produces.

After receiving a tour of the farm it was apparent how passionate Giel is about his cheese.

Gouda Cheese maturing shelf
Cheese flavours: all made in house


From the ingredients…..

To the way the cheese is made (using an eco friendly wood burner, plus the only electricity consumed is a 15 minute a day cooler and the lights!)

Cheese maturing shelf
Cheese maturing shelf

It also made me feel naff that in many cases supermarkets pay less for milk than its costs the farmers to produce it! So let’s totally embrace any farmers markets, local shops etc. we can, lets support these guys whose livelihood depends on our custom.

So to London! Here is an overview of farmers markets and local shops. Next time you think supermarket shop, take a little time considering the guys that supply the big cheeses, and let’s support them.

London Farmers Markets WITH MAP!

TuesdayLondon BridgeSouth Kensington (SW7)

Wednesday: Swiss Cottage (NW3)

ThursdayBloomsburyWhitecross (EC1), Hammersmith (W6)

SaturdayBalhamEalingNotting Hill (W8), Parliament Hill (NW5), Pimlico Road (SW1), South Kensington (SW7), TwickenhamWest HampsteadWimbledon (SW19), Hampstead Community Food, Stoke Newington (N16), Broadway Market (E8), Oval (SE11), StepneyPartirdges Food Market (SW3)

SundayBlackheath (SE3), Brixton (SW9), Islington (N1), Marylebone (W1), Parson’s GreenQueens Park (NW6), WalthamstowAlexander PalaceBrick Lane Sunday up-market (E1), Last of each month Dulwich (SE21), Herne Hill (SE24), 1st & 3rd Sunday Swaffam (PE37), Chiswick (W4),

Miscellaneous: Benwick Street (W1) Mon-Sat, Wed-Sun Greenwich, Mon-Sat Borough Market

BOSTON SAUSAGE - A salivating sausage from the guys at @bostonsausage in Borough Market
BOSTON SAUSAGE – A salivating sausage from the guys at @bostonsausage in Borough Market

OH! and I know how we all enjoy restauranting. So take two secs to ponder where the food you’re served comes from. Do you know? Would you like to? Its something I will try and think more about now!

 A beef burger from @flatironsteak, I know owner Charlie is super hot on the quality & care of the cows that make up his menu! Tell you what its apparent to the super super food
A beef burger from @flatironsteak, I know owner Charlie is super hot on the quality & care of the cows that make up his menu! Tell you what its apparent to the super super food

Finally this year due to a dry June and now it’s gone a bit wet, the hedgerows are fruit galore!!! Get picking those blackberries (anywhere there are brambles), apples, sloes, damsons and elderberries!

Blackberry and Apple Jam


Blackberry and Apple Jam

Rick Steins – Producers Rick has visited, categorised by food type and region.

Cornish Gouda

Talvan Farm, Lanreath, Cornwall

01503 220 194

[email protected]

Boston Sausage

Flat Iron


Reporter: Aspen Glencross (@Gollumcrackcorn)