The Pub In The Park!

With pub gardens now open and the past weekend being the first bank holiday out of lockdown, there was only one thing on most people’s minds: heading to the pub for a refreshing pint. But anyone that’s tried to book a table will know the impossibility of the task, with 14 million reservations having been made right up until July.1 That’s where Beavertown Brewery comes in, offering a nifty solution to fully booked beer gardens: The Pub in a Park. 

The obvious alternative to sitting in a pub garden is heading to the local park, but we all know it doesn’t have quite the same feel. With no sticky tables and overbearing bouncer, enjoying a can on the grass isn’t quite the same as being in a bustling pub setting. 

That’s why Beavertown provided the Great British public with a solution, erecting Park Pubs to make sure everyone had a place to enjoy their pint. Set up in parks around the capital this weekend, Beavertown’s makeshift pubs were completed with pub signs, furniture and even bouncers checking ID’s. The ‘pubs’ provide the perfect spot for those unable to secure a booking whilst also paying homage to our much-missed British pubs ahead of their indoor opening on 17th May.

The weather may have been grey, but in true British fashion, that didn’t dampen the mood. With the exact locations of Beavertown’s temporary pubs kept under wraps, lucky park goers who stumbled across the outdoor set up were able to sit and soak up the atmosphere, making up for all those tedious hours spent trying to make a booking.


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