Cope de cava and Camino

When I heard there is a place in a London that sells 29 varieties of cava and some of the most authentic Spanish tapas, I jumped straight on tube to Blackfriars to check it out.

I spent the first half of my night in Camino the restaurant’s upstairs bar, they also serve tapas but I was saving myself for the delights of Cope de Cava. I had the most amazing red wine as I unwound from a long day in the office. The feel of Camino is so relaxed which is surprising being in the heart of the city. The staff were friendly and even convinced me to have a large glass of wine, think they saw the dread of my day drawn all over my face.

I later was joined by a friend and we headed downstairs to Cope de Cava, its decor is based on authentic cava restaurants in Spain. The fun lighting and rustic decor actually threw me back to one of my favourite holidays in the sun. Already I was excited.

We didn’t get to taste all 29 varieties of Cava, but we opted for two of the Cava flights sampling glasses. The flights include three 75ml glasses, which was great baldy for me.

We opted for the Plata at £9.75 which had 3 flavours of white cava. All of them delicious from the sweet to the dry Bruts, we were very happy. The second we opted was the Rosa Flights at £11.95, my favourite by far. Beautiful rose Bruts, ranging in various flavours including peach. We didn’t get to try the Oro but I will be heading back to try it as the first two were amazing!

Cope de cava

To soak up all the Cava we had an array of Tapas dishes, I’m not going to lie we had a lot of food. So I will tell you the favourite dishes I tasted.

Tortilla Siglo which was a Spanish Omlette in a glass, was different from the standard omelettes. This was a layer of seasoned potato with a mouse like egg mixture on top, not only was it beautiful but it looked divine.

Cope de cava

The Coca Recapte was again one of my favourites. It’s a thin pastry with roasted aubergine, red pepper, onion and anchovy on top. All the flavours were intense and the saltiness from the anchovies were perfect against the sweetness of the red pepper. I’m salivating thinking about it.

Cope de cava

The Gambas Ajillo yum yum yum!! Sautéed tiger prawns, with chilli, garlic and white wine. Again did I say yum?? I ate this so quick my friend just about got to taste them.

My final favourite fish was the Presa Iberica which was a shoulder of Iberico pig, creamy pearl barley and torts de la serena cheese. I’m not going to lie you really have to love cheese to eat the pearl barley, it was pretty strong. But I’m a cheese lover and it reminded me blue cheese. The pork was cooked to perfection and I mean perfection! I recommend this dish to all the food lovers out there.

Cope de cava

We also tried some traditional tapas dishes which were amazing, the whole menu was. I’m always a bit critical of tapas as the presentation can sometimes let it down. But the food at Cope de Cava, not only tasted great but was presented beautifully.

Get down there and check them out for yourself!

Here is the website and the address, just say Abi sent you:

33 Blackfriars Lane,

London EC4V 6EP
020 7125 0930

[email protected]