The Spanish Christmas Lottery Is Hugely Popular – Here’s Why…

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Come December and a few preceding months leading into the festive period, there is sometimes a lot of hype around Spain’s Christmas lottery.

It has gathered a big following over the years and, on the face of it, continues to increase in popularity.

It centres around tradition and fun – and is relatively unique when it comes to other lottery draws around the world.

Nowadays, people are not limited to entering only their local lotteries – and the same applies for enjoying the Spanish Christmas lottery action. Indeed, it is possible to bet on and maybe win the El Gordo jackpot from the UK at Lottoland, since you can bet on the outcome of the lottery and see how you fare.

If you are wondering what El Gordo is in relation to the Christmas lottery, well, its the jackpot prize that’s up for grabs each and every year.

When translated directly, El Gordo effectively means the fat one – and, yes, the jackpot can be very fat when it is drawn every 365 days. It has been known to goes as high as €4 million – and there are many, many other smaller prizes available as well. These can be pretty lucrative, too.

Number selection

In terms of which five specific numbers get picked in an attempt to win the El Gordo or any other prize, approaches differ from one person to another.

Some prefer to choose their digits at random, not really relying on numbers represented in life milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries. Then there are those who prefer to be guided, almost entirely, by significant dates in their lives or the lives of others – past and present.

“People sometimes try and buy numbers that represent important dates – their child or partner’s date of birth, or anything important like that. Or maybe if someone has passed away, if that person always played the same number, their family members will continue to get that same number every year,” said a fan of the Spanish Christmas lottery.

“If I had to get all the same numbers my father used to play, I wouldn’t have any money left over. The most common one he played was 90, though, so that’s the number we get every year.

“A lot of times when someone goes out of town, their friends and family will ask them to get a number from whatever city they’ll be in. It’s fun to get numbers from different places.”

Besides tradition, the festivities associated with the draw and other factors, the Christmas lottery is also quite popular because of its odds of winning. In terms of the chances of winning the main prize – El Gordo – these stand at approximately one in 100,000. The odds for the second and third reward are more or less the same as the first, while fourth and fifth reward odds weigh in at about one in 50,000 and one in 12,500, respectively.

As you can see, there is plenty to support the popularity of the Christmas lottery, whether entered in Spain or elsewhere around the world such as the United Kingdom.

This is a paid / sponsored post.