Alcohol Free Cocktails At Club Soda And NightJar

Dry January is in full-swing and we have two great venues to try out this month: Club Soda and The Nightjar.

Club Soda has only been open for six weeks in its new London venue though it’s been serving alcohol free alternatives to festival-goers since 2017. It offers consumers an alcohol free space with a small bar and seating area and two walks of non alcoholic beer, wines and spirits to browse. Downstairs there is an area for alcohol free cocktail making classes.  I was amazed at all the options and I’m excited to try some sparkling tea in the future.  Club Soda is open late on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday and they have various events coming up.

Here we tried basically an espresso martini but with a twist.  This comprised of Guineas zero, coffee from Redemption Roasters, Three Spirit Elixir, Caleno Dark and Spicy Rum alternative and High Point amber digestif non-alcoholic spirit. It’s a fantastic blend of several non-alcoholic alternatives with a tropical feel through the coconut, a sweet taste via cocoa and white chocolate and a spicy flavour.

The second venue of the night was totally different in its vibe: as you descend the steps, you are taken back to a prohibition era with comfy seating, dark lighting and a stage with live music from 9pm. We were fortunate to try two mock tails though there are four on the menu.

First, the Libre was peppery with vanilla notes. It’s made using Seedlip Grove, aecorn aromatic aperitif, ginger beer, fresh lime, pecan and roasted coffee bean maple syrup. It was very refreshing.

Euphoric Life is  comprised of Three Spirit Livener, EDI endorphins, Guanabana juice, Peruvian marigold syrup, Franklin and Sons mandarin soda and fresh lime.  It was herbal, fruity with berry notes and bittersweet.

Written by Caitlin Neal

Club Soda

Address: Club Soda Tasting Room and Shop,

39 Drury Lane, London, WC2B 5RR







Address: Kingly Court, 49-51 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 9PY