The Stable Whitechapel Review


There’s nothing more satisfying and comforting than Pizza! Mix that Pizza with a cold cider or two and you’ve got a winning combo. With 17 restaurants located around the UK, The Stable is the place to make all your beer and cider dreams come true.

We ventured down to The Stable in Whitechapel. This hidden gem located in the area made famous as Jack the Ripper’s hunting grounds was quite the find and one that I can say I’ll be coming back to ASAP. The restaurant itself designed to look like its name sake is warm and welcoming. After a little mix-up with our booking, Beth (the supervisor) and Theo, our waitress of the evening had us all sorted out.

While perusing the delicious looking pizza menu, we were treated to a cider tasting board. For £8 this is a delightful bargain which allows guests to try five 1/3 pints of The Stable’s extensive cider range. There’s over 80 different ciders available so it definitely is an impressive collection. Our tasting board, chosen by Theo included the Dorset Star, Wyld Wood, Reveller, Cornish Blush and Lilly’s Mango ciders.

My friend and I weren’t a fan of the Dorset Star and the Wyld Wood as these were both dry and still ciders. Though once we hit the Reveller, we were in cider heaven. This mix of dry and sweet cider paired perfectly with our pizza choices. The final two ciders on our tasting board the Cornish Blush and Lilly’s Mango were definitely our dessert ciders of the evening. The Cornish Blush was my favourite while my friend favoured the Lilly’s Mango. This was such a fun way to try different ciders and the tasting boards just looked so cute! The boards change regularly so I’m looking forward to heading back and trying out their next selection.


So I’ve talked about the ciders! Now was the real reason we came to visit The Stable. The Pizza. I couldn’t look past The Dorset Street Blues £11 (herb-roasted potato, Dorset Blue Vinney cheese, roasted Spanish onions, fresh spinach, tomato sauce and mozzarella). This pizza was a God send. It was huge, so I definitely didn’t need the delicious Gluten Free Cheesy Garlic Bread that I shared with my friend for a starter. I don’t even know where to begin to describe this pizza. It was fabulous. You know a pizza’s good when even though your stomach is bursting at the seams, you just have to eat the whole thing. That’s how I was that night! This pizza did not defeat me in the slightest. The soft herb-roasted potatoes with the blue cheese were definitely the Chris Pratt and Anna Faris of the pizza topping world. Practically perfect in every way.


My friend who is coeliac always has trouble ordering pizza at restaurants given the main ingredient of pizza tends to be flour really lucked out The Stable. The restaurant has an extensive gluten free and Vegan menu which was exciting. They are also happy to make any pizzas on the normal menu gluten free if needed. Rodney went with the Ol’ Thumper (Ragu of rabbit, roasted british leeks, bath pig chorizo, lord of the hundreds sheep’s milk cheese and grated mozzarella). This pizza was an unusual combination of pizza toppings that just worked. Rabbit on a pizza! Who knew this could work. I only had a tiny slice of this pizza but I almost had food envy after my first bite.


For spring this year, The Stable’s menu has also had an upgrade.  The Stable’s first house ice-cream, new sharing boards and some old favourites are now on the menu. Stable Executive Chef and co-founder Andy Briggs said: “Since we launched in 2009 we’ve developed a reputation for our West Country-inspired menu using the best local produce, and our vast range of ciders. With the new menu we wanted to capture our forward-thinking spirit and the evolving tastes of our customers, while staying true to our authentic, rustic roots. All our sourdough pizza bases are still handmade from scratch, our tomato sauce still made fresh every day – these values are really important to us.” Something that won’t be changing this spring, says Andy, is the Stable’s popular Tuck in Tuesday deal night – with selected pizzas, side salad and a drink costing just £10.  An absolute bargain! We wish it could be Tuesday every night!

We can’t thank Beth and Theo enough for looking out for us during our visit to The Stable. We had fantastic service, amazing food and an all-round good time. We can only imagine how much more awesome it would have been if we’d been lucky enough to visit on a night where Live Music was being played. You wouldn’t have been able to force us out the door.

Reporter: Tegan LeBon

The Stable16-18 Whitechapel RdLondonE1 1EW

[email protected] or 020 7377 1133

Opening hours: Sunday – Wednesday: 12.00pm – 11.30pm (Food from midday – 10.00pm) Thursday – Saturday: 12.00pm – midnight (Food from midday – 11.00pm)