Ghost in the Shell at Lights Of Soho

700024150at080_ghost_DnJn7What: Ghost in the Shell themed cocktail party

Where: Lights of Soho, 35 Brewer Street, London, W1F 0RX

When: 16:00-19:00 24th-26th March 2017


For a few nights in March Paramount Pictures transformed The Lights of Soho into a little fragment of the dystopian cityscape Ghost in the Shell envisions for us all. The exhibition and cocktail party included:

  • A huge (huge) video screen playing excerpts from the film
  • An outdoor video wall with interactive video elements. Pretend to be in Minority Report!700024150at090_ghost_OBG32
  • A photo booth where you can add special effects based on the film to your photos.700024150at091_ghost_N6VQP
  • Props such as a selection of guns from the film and a full-size bust of the geisha android (it was like being in a mini-boozy Planet Hollywood!)700024150at095_ghost_zgYUh

Cocktail-wise, we enjoyed the film’s signature cocktail ‘The Major’, a blend of neutral spirits and curacao topped with soda. This was a tall, very quaffable drink. For those in need of a pick me up, there was espresso martinis. There was also the usual selection of wines (still and sparkling), beers, and smoothies.

The ‘Lights of Soho’ is a public gallery specializing in neon and light art by day, and a private members club by night.

Ghost in the Shell will be in UK cinemas from 30th March.

Reporter:David Brown


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