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You’ve been seeing the Vitl’s DNA and Blood Test Kits all over the tube stations in London and now we’re here to tell you all about what they really are.

Vitl tells us that a great day starts when we feel our best, but even with a perfectly balanced diet, there may be other factors getting in the way of us feeling 100%. Sounds pretty interesting right?

Personalised nutrition platform, Vitl, offers at-home DNA and blood test kits, so that customers can find out exactly what their body needs from the comfort of their home. Each test comes with a free nutrition consultation to help further tailor the right supplements for each customer, based on their test result, health profile, and even genetic predispositions.

Vitamin & Cholesterol Blood Test
The Vitamin & Cholesterol Test is an easy-to-use, at-home finger-prick blood test that is delivered straight to the door. The test comes with a prepaid return bag, so that customers can send it back free of charge. Results take two to three weeks and customers will be sent personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations from a qualified nutritionist, as well as the option to formulate a bespoke pack of vitamins tailored to their results.
Available to purchase from, £49.95.

DNA Nutrition Test

99.9% of a person’s DNA is the same as everyone else’s, it’s the 0.1% that differs from person to person that makes us unique. By understanding our specific predispositions to ways of eating and exercising, we can make smarter choices, maximise our potential, and reach our goals more efficiently. By taking the DNA test, customers will also gain access to over 40 in-depth health and wellness reports, as well as personalised advice from a qualified nutritionist.

The DNA nutrition test is a simple saliva sample, which is done at home and then sent back to Vitl in a prepaid post bag. The results will be shared with customers in two to three weeks with a full breakdown of each genetic trait with specific dietary, fitness and lifestyle advice to help them make the best choices for their body.

I first received the DNA kit in October and sent it off on 1st November. It really is simple as a mouth swab, so pretty non-evasive. Unfortunately with all the mail strikes, my sample took longer to be processed. Despite all this Vitl’s customer service was immaculate throughout, keeping me up-to-date and sending me another kit to help speed up the process.

Once the results arrived, I wasn’t surprised by some of them. My DNA showed I have higher chance of having IBS, low levels of vitamin D and Vitamin B. These were the standout ones, all ones that doctors had told me previously but other traits were interesting to know and stuff that leaves me with things to think about.

I did consider ordering my personalised vitamins but the website wouldn’t allow me to when I tried to order and price cost. If this had worked for me, it would have been something that would have made my daily vitamin regime which is currently not the greatest… a lot easier. Also I would have liked to have been able to download my results in a pdf format to be able to read my results a lot easier.

The kits are available to purchase from, £139.00 and are a good way to start putting in your body what it actually needs.