Sophie Tea unveiled GROW at The Barbican on 26th November 2022 and we got to visit to see what visceral exploration of what it means to be a woman.

Now Onin.London have been a fan of Sophie’s work since 2020, so we we were excited to see her new creative expression.

Intertwining art with high-tech and mixed media, including Augmented Reality, Light, Sound and Scent, the fully immersive exhibition transformed Barbican Conservatory into a fantasy forest.

Following the success of her widely-acclaimed ‘Send Nudes’ series, which explored body positivity and self-acceptance, Sophie’s new GROW collection is a visual representation of the female experience of change.

Drawing inspiration from her own life, and women in general, Sophie abstracts the journey through womanhood by juxtaposing ombre backgrounds with bold strokes that emerge from the canvas.

Sophie says, ‘With each brushstroke, I’m inviting you to experience this symbolic evolution of what it means to grow as a woman in this world. I’ve drawn inspiration from London Fashion Week, the natural landscape, my sculptural art experiments and virtual reality paintings to create this exhibition, and I’m so excited to share it.’

For more information about Sophie Tea and how to purchase her artwork visit: