Veggie Diaries: Part Two

Now, during my part 1of my process of proudly going veggie, during the times that I became busy I realised that I had less and less time to actually cook meals!

The thoughts of eating meat constantly hovered over my mind which wasn’t a great feeling because I knew that making that choice would be a regret purely based on  laziness born out of convenience! I was lucky enough to be able to spare a few hours to pop to the local supermarket, and I came across meals that I never thought existed; quorn! In other words, meat substitute, made from pure wheat, beans, and other healthy foods.

I was so shocked at the amount of meals that could be made with these easy to cook meals, such as quorn frankfurters, quorn chicken pieces, and quorn mince (all which are prepared in less than twenty minutes!). I would usually enjoy these meals with a side of brown rice, a range of different salads, and all types of pasta.

Being vegetarian is such an enjoyable experience that hasn’t only brought a new experience to my meals, but my overall health is constantly improving too. Long live veggies.
Below are a few more meals I have thoroughly enjoyed more of!


Healthy Breakfast Idea
A quick and tasteful breakfast bursting with flavours of: mixed leaves salad (kale, spinach and rocket), orange slices, blueberries, red pepper and one boiled and sliced egg
Healthy snack
Something to snack through the day; sliced bananas, blueberries and kiwis!

Healthy Breakfast
Great way to start the day! quaker oats, almonds and persimmon slices
Healthy Carbornara

Scrumptious and filled with flavour; quorn bacon styled carbonara mixed with spaghetti, green leaf, onions, and served in a homepride garlic pasta sauce, sold at any supermarket

Sidenote: Quorn meals are sold at ALL UK supermarkets; Tescos, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons.

Written by Hannah Ajala