Happy Birthday Food & Lycra




A lively, chilled and friendly environment based in the heart of Hackney. Complimentary Vita Coco drinks were handed out, ranging from different flavours as a kind welcome to the 1st birthday of Food & Lycra. Food & Lycra is an enjoyable eatery experience, as well as a society promoting general well-being through fitness, and passions that we inhabit in our everyday lives. Food and Lycra is created by three of the sweetest, funniest, fashionable and most kindest young ladies named Kim, Laura and Rachel.

Their journeys and launch of Food & Lycra has taken them over several parts of the world, such as Copenhagen, promoting their brand. How in love are we with these ladies?!

Judging by their nice and informative food-friendly instagram posts, (@kimmayco, @seraphizm, @supernoodlerach) the birthday party on Wednesday 5th February 2014 was located a two minute walk away from Hackney’s Haggerston station, East London.  Food & Lycra

I arrived at the event an hour after it began and was greeted by the friendliest of faces wearing Food & Lycra t-shirts, and noticeably fashionable footwear. I queued in the busy two-floored bar for no more than 30 seconds and ordered from the menu which was also advertised online prior to the event. I thoroughly enjoyed the AZN fried chicken bites, accompanied with freshly made fries and later joined with a sweet tasting chocolate almond buttercups, made by kimmayco, for dessert. Especially for the anniversary of F&L’s birthday, meals were priced at the littlest amount of 5 pounds, which worked so well as a promotional tool as the spacious venue reached capacity.

The night contained a raffle ticket draw with the hopes of grabbing endless prizes and goodies up for grabs. A later performance was by Rocky Nti ( singer and songwriter from Milton Keynes, which brought more of a chilled atmosphere to the cool vibe of the night.

Great night, vibe, people, and staff, as well as delicously tasting food! Hats off to the ladies that worked exceptionally hard that evening and never failed to make everyone feel welcomed.
Check out the girls as they embark further on their awesome journeys!
Twitter: @foodandlycra
Facebook: Food and Lycra
Instagram: @foodandlycra

Written by Hannah Ajala