Would You Leave Your Child Alone?

Baby (12-18 Months) Sitting in Car Seat

Just in case you missed the news, but the other day Laurence Fox made the news because he left his five year old son unsupervised in the car while he quickly went into the shop to buy some medicine.

This raises the question, would you leave your child in a car while you quickly went into a shop?

My girls are 6 and 3 years old so it wouldn’t be like leaving a newborn baby in the car but I still wouldn’t be comfortable doing it and can’t think of a time I actually have. Even when me and Aly had to go to the Post Office collection office the other day and it was pouring with rain I still took her with me. I knew i’d only be 5 minutes and it was a Saturday so I knew no one was about but still I took her with me.

I may have left them in the car if they happened to be with me when I have gone to fill the car up with petrol but that is very rare. I would only consider leaving them if I could still see them and only if they knew where I was, I don’t think I’d do it when they were asleep just in case they woke up and worried where I had gone.

For me the worry is not what if someone snatchs them as the car would be locked and you at a guess tend not to get child snatchers lurky by the petrol pump, the fear for me is what would happen if I got run over while popping to the shop. I worry that they would be left in the car without anyone knowing and that is why I don’t do it.

This raises the question about how far would you go from the house if the children were inside?

Again for me the answer is pretty much the same, I would take the rubbish to the bin which is in an enclosed garden and only then would I do it if the other doors to the house was locked.

So what would you do? 

Darren Coleshill