Wry Vodka Party


From vanilla vodka to sloe gin, home-made spirit infusions are a great way to add a personal touch to the drinks you serve up at home, or gift to friends. The key to creating the best infusions is to use the best quality products, which goes for the spirit base (e.g vodka) as well as whatever you’re infusing (e.graspberry).

Wry Vodka’s White Label Project is therefore encouraging you to use their product as the blank canvas on which to build your recipes. 100% Rye grain spirit, Wry Vodka is the perfect premium base, re-distilled with a small amount of rye malt to add a sweet, creamy mouth-feel.

From damson vodkas in winter, to summer fruit vodkas and herbal creations that work perfect in the autumn, the possibilities are endless. Use seasonal products from your garden, or look further afield to exotic fruits and spices, which are easily ordered online.

Launching on Thursday 17th August at TT Liquor, Silent Pool Distillery product development manager,Stu Bale will be running masterclasses for members of the public to showcase some of his favourite infusions, and encouraging attendees to craft their own.

The Wry Vodka White Label Project is the perfect excuse to let your imagination run wild.

For £25 you will get:
* A drink on arrival
* Q&A with Master Distiller Tom Huthings (also maker of Silent Pool Gin)
* An infusions Masterclass from industry expert Stuart Bale making 2 cocktails and showing how to make your own infusions
* A free WRY vodka cocktail with each ticket in the TT Liquor basement bar
* Dance the night away to a disco and soul set by Bobby Pleasure (20/20Recordings),
* Bobby pleasure is the label manager & vibe merchant of 20/20 Vision Recordings and founder of needs (not-for-profit). dj, producer & noise maker.