Be transported to the Italian Alps with Pizza Pilgrims’ February guest special, La Fonduta! 

Pizza Pilgrims, the renowned pizzeria celebrated for its authentic Neapolitan style, is thrilled to reveal its February guest special, La Fonduta. This collaboration brings together the world of pizza with the alpine charm of fondue and will be available across all Pizza Pilgrims sites throughout February. 

Drawing inspiration from the rich culinary heritage of the Italian Alps, La Fonduta pays homage to the beloved cheese fondue. This chilly February, Pizza Pilgrims invites you to join on an Alpine expedition, with this extraordinary white pizza crafted from a delectable blend of exquisite Fontina DOP and velvety mozzarella. Brace yourself for an explosion of flavours that will undoubtedly ignite the passion of cheese enthusiasts, providing a heart-warming experience amidst the winter cold.  

True to Pizza Pilgrims’ signature style, La Fonduta features the pizzeria’s 72-hour double-fermented, slow-proved and hand-stretched dough, ensuring a pillowy, puffy crust, as typical of the Neapolitan style. The addition of Fontina cheese fondue and mozzarella creates a symphony of cheesy goodness, complemented by a side of fried potatoes and pickles for an extra alpine touch. 

Priced from £14, La Fonduta is a celebration of the authentic flavours of Italy, from the traditional Neapolitan style pizza base alongside with a taste of the alps bring après to London. 

The Fonduta is available across also Pizza Pilgrims sites including the newly refurbished Kingly Court which reopened its doors to the public on 2nd February.  Right next to bustling Carnaby Street, Kingly Court has been given a fresh new look after ten years of being open, with a nod to the swinging ’60s and plenty of Neapolitan charm. Also on offer is the kiosk serving aperitivo and friggitoria (fried Italian street food) to take away, or to keep you satisfied whilst you wait. 


Pizza Pilgrims La Fonduta February special is available at all Pizza Pilgrims sites from 1st of February onwards.


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