Frustrated with a friend? Fed up with your boss? Feeling the general fury? Then it’s time to give axe throwing a go.

Before you don a lumberjack look and head into the woods, we’re not suggesting you swing axes willy-nilly (please don’t). Instead, take the Tube to Oxford Circus and visit Whistle Punks’s brand new venue, neatly tucked away from the tourists on Eastcastle street.

It’s a pretty genius location; we all know the frustration that builds after a full day of shopping in central London and while it might sound a little violent, axe throwing is a great way to get rid of pent-up anger if you do it in a safe space.

ON IN London visited the venue a few weeks ago and here are our main observations:
1. Axes, even tiny ones, are much heavier than you’d think
2. Throwing an axe is both exhilirating and terrifying (we kept imagining it bouncing back,
thankfully it didn’t)
3. Axe throwing is kind of like throwing darts but with riskier odds

Whistle Punks, which also has sites in Manchester, Bristol and Leeds, has set up secure cages with black, cushioned sections of the wall, should you miss the board and hit the wall, and the trainers will happily show off their own skills to entertain (read: terrify) you.

Guests are taught different grips and safety positions, and then they’re off.
While there’s no dress code (we were sorely disappointed by the lack of checkered shirts), it’s recommended to wear something that gives your arm full range of motion and closed shoes are a must.

Prices vary depending on what kind of package you choose. You can share with others (£22) or get a private lane (from £220+) and each one accommodates 10 people. It can get a little tedious to stand in line but that’s what the bar is for.
You’re welcome to drink while chucking axes around but not in the cage itself, and there’s a decent selection of booze to choose from (think your bog standard stuff). There’s a pizza menu too, should you get peckish.

Next time the inner monster emerges, you know where to go to blow off some steam.
By Almara Abgarian
Website: whistlepunks.com Instagram: @whistlepunks