00 and his 7 The World of James Bond Bridewell Theatre



The London Ballet Company’s bonkers 45 minute lunch time ballet was a highly welcome break from my otherwise desk-bound day in the office.

The performance consisted of 13 short scenes, set to music, disappointingly not all of which (although named as such) was a Bond tune. I’d expected an hour of Bond inspired music and was surprised to hear vignettes from (inter alia) Mission Impossible, Moulin Rouge and Carmen.

A highly agile Bond (Marcos Unos Salas) navigated himself through the fairly (and understandably) basic story line, maintaining the comic elements of a silent movie star with perfect pirouettes and jetés which would be well beyond Daniel Craig’s abilities at his buffest.

Ballet Bond negotiated his way through Amazonian and acrobatic sirens: glamorous dancing girls who sashayed elegantly and adeptly through the performance. They were far too talented to be cooped up in a tiny theatre with its paltry smattering of office workers on their lunch hour.

LBC - '00&his 7

This lighthearted ballet troupe ought to be performing a full house: if you can spare a lunch time hour, go and see this energetic and elegant performance.



Camilla Norton

( photographer Irina Chira )