8 Track Rum

This is a special call  to the all the music and drink lovers out there this festive season, the 8Track Rum gift pack is the perfect Christmas gift for you! 

It has been creatively packaged  to look like a music speaker. The new gift box contains a 70cl bottle of 8Track Rum, a branded high ball glass, 8Track pin badge and selection of music-inspired cocktail ideas including ‘Night Fever’, ‘Back to Black’ and ‘Twisted Fire Starter’ (£39.95, Owing its name to the iconic recording kit, 8Track was born from a love of music and celebrating good times. It is committed to supporting the independent music industry,  caring for the community and the wider environment.

The beauty of this gift as with all things this time of year is that it’s even better when shared with friends. Sustainably sourced and consciously produced, 8Track is made from fine Guyana and smooth 8-year-old vintage Barbados rums. The bespoke blend is infused with Seville oranges, vanilla, cloves, ginger and cinnamon, resulting in a smoothly balanced, fine-tuned and zesty spirit – delicious on the rocks, with a mixer or as a cocktail base.  With either of those choices, the unique, pleasurable taste of the rum is apparent and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In addition to the palette pleasing experience of the rum, 8 Track also had an auditory treat for their guests in attendance at their live music event at the Hawley’s Arms in Camden on November 15th. In keeping with their ethos to support innovate independent music, where I was introduced to the Velvet Hands. I was blown away by their fresh authentic sound, great instrumentation and immense talent. I even got the chance have a brief conversation with the band and they are truly charming, I will definitely be keeping an eye on them… as should you.  Follow 8 Track on Instagram, for future performances and events of this nature. I had a great evening with the perfect synergy of taste and sound which is why for all music lovers… 8 track is a must.

Written by Dwayne Phillips