A Hassle Free Cycling Guide

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Whether you commute by bike to get to work, school, college, Uni. or simply for leisure, it needn’t be a worry. Cycling is convenient; it requires low maintenance and is a great way to keep fit. Although it can be risky to cycle on busy roads, it’s a delight and worth while. Here’s a hassle free cycling guide:

Cycling is a great way to get around London because it’s simply quicker than driving your car, getting a bus or travelling on a crowded train.

Even though you might find it tiring first thing in the morning, once you’ve completed your journey, it keeps you alert throughout the day. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

  • You are likely to save money, since there would be no need to buy petrol or pay for a parking slot.
  • Cycling is environmental friendly because there is no emission.
  • Did you know that you can park several bikes in 1 car slot, which a great way to save space and you don’t need to pay the Congestion Charge?
  • A number of police ride bikes in Central London to help patrol the capital.
  • Apparently regular cycling reduces the chances of heart disease and helps to lower blood pressure.
  • The social side is satisfying. Meet up with other cyclists and enjoy a joint ride at cycling clubs or events. Compared to driving, other members of your household or friends can experience a family day out and cycle simultaneously.
  • It’s addictive.

London cycling guide

If you’re stuck for routes to follow, visit Transport for London (TFL) journey planner for assistance. The system will notify you about planned essential maintenance work or impending delays, to help you map out your route.

The beauty of this system is that it provides suggested routes, duration of your journey, likely delays, symbols and maps for guidance.

Fancy receiving travel alerts sent to your inbox to help plan a head.

TFL also have leisure routes for cycling in parks around the embankments. Find some of the favourite places to cycle in London here:

Richmond Park SW15

Home to beautiful cycling routes

Herne Hill Velodrome SE24

Home to racing and events, sessions and training where tracks have been designed to accommodate all weather types.

Regents park NW1

Check out the cycling routes.

Crystal Palace in SE19

For cycling events

Hyde Park

Cycle from Hyde Park Corner up to Serpentine road and view the river. Hire a Barclay’s bike.

Although cycling can be seen as risky, it is worth getting familiar with road safety. Planning your route before leaving home, wearing appropriate cycling gear, using proper indications and being mindful of other road users, makes cycling less of a hassle. And remember to secure your bike when it’s not in use. Using a good quality lock will help.


Written by Bola Akande

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