Tom Thum and Jamie MacDowell

tomjamI first came across Tom Thum about a month ago while watching a YouTube TedX Sydney talk, and was instantly hooked. Never before have I heard someone make such noises as Tom can, this is not the conventional beat boxing I’m accustomed to. I have heard Tom described as ‘a human orchestra’ before, however to say this is an understatement; he is an orchestra, singer, DJ turntable and purveyor of various animal kingdom sounds all rolled into one.

When I caught wind of a final tour leg in London, I was there faster than a rat up a drainpipe!

How could this ace be made any better? By the incorporation of Jamie Macdowell is how. Initially I was sceptical about the addition of a singer to Tom’s act, however he isn’t an addition to it, Jamie completes it. His voice is like Galaxy chocolate; smooth, velvety and blissful to devour.

The whole evening was awesome from start to end. This was no ordinary gig, it was a musical comedy hybrid with special guests, spoofs and great gags. Whether or not this was planned I’m still unsure, but the whole thing just……worked.

[youtubevideo video=”N8eymN-xxc8″]

The special guests were quite a treat, I had never heard of them before but that made their sweet melodic voices all the more captivating. Jamie’s songwriter/singer friend, his other ‘friend’ (let’s just say my friends never sing about me like that!) and world beat boxing champion Ball-zee.

Overall the two Aussie chaps have made it, and I can only see things getting bigger and better for these guys, and it’s safe to say they deserve it.

The only downside of this whole experience? I blimin’ missed them perform with Hot Dub Time Machine. Next time……….

[youtubevideo video=”xcPbrvNTy-M”]

Check out the guys on Facebook and Twitter: @tomthummer and @jamiemacdowell oooorrrrr even better check out their albums here on iTunes!