Scoot Your Commute

scooter 1 (1)

I have been looking for some way to make the commute that little bit less tedious for some time now.

Having written off cycling as being too dangerous, driving far too expensive, walking….well fine but a tad laborious, particularly in the winter months and the bus – don’t even get me started.  I decided to jump on the bandwagon and give scooting a go.

Now the last time I rode a scooter I was 5 and I wasn’t much good at it.  My scooter was a cumbersome beast, made out of lead with wheels carved from concrete-or at least that is how I remember it. The ride was not particularly smooth and needless to say as a result, it was not much fun. I gave up scooting shortly after my 6th birthday.

Thankfully scooter technology has come on in leaps and bounds since the mid 80’s and companies such as Micro Scooters have been at the forefront of innovative design.  A quick look through the website and my initial reservations about looking like a child were soon put to rest, they have a whole range just for adults.

Being an impulse buyer I picked up a matt white and chrome finish, aluminum scooter and to my delight it arrived by the next morning.

I took my scooter for a spin straight away and I am pleased to say it was nothing like how I remembered previous experiences to be.  These scooters are lightweight, sturdy and have super smooth wheels that allow you to glide along the pavements.  I dodged in and out of other commuters in the busy Liverpool Street area and made it to my office in half the time I normally would.

The compact folding mechanism means you can easily pop them under your desk and if you need to jump on a tube or head into a shop they fit easily over the shoulder.

The other bonus for me is that it offers an outdoorsy activity I can do with my kids.  Whilst the idea of a family bike ride is lovely, the reality for those of us living in London, is that it is simply too dangerous to ride on the roads with kids in tow.  Scooting is the perfect substitute and offers fantastic fun for the whole family, even those as young as one years old!

Scooting to work has certainly made my commute more fun. It means I will get some exercise in before work and should save a packet in oyster credit. My only bit of advice would be….wear gloves!

Why don’t you try and scoot your commute?

by Carolyn Owlett