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A Pampered Night in For One

It’s the month of love and some of us may have missed out on all the Valentines Day love ins. So why not this week pamper yourself? Us Singletinis deserve it. Here are my quick tips to pamper yourself silly this week. Enjoy

Pamper yourself

Step 1
Have a long luxurious bath, mix in some bubbles, candles and your favourite album playing in the background. You will leave the bathroom completely relaxed and ready for a pampered night in.

Step 2
Face Mask is a must. Watch a movie (comedy of course, none of that sappy romance stuff) and let your face have a deep cleansing. To stay on the safe side, order your takeout beforehand and save yourself from the awkward answering the door and scaring the delivery man’s life fiasco.

Step 3
Moisturize and paint your nails. Choose a loud colour, pft why not?

Step 4
Bask in the ambience of being single, happy and pampered.

By Emmy