Ada Loveless Day 2014 Overview

Last week the Royal Institute of Science played host to this years UK Ada Lovelace Day, where women in science, technology, engineering and maths are celebrated in a festival spanning the globe.

The ONIN team were lucky enough to be invited down to the yearly seminar which showcased a number of prominent women across a broad range of industries.

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The first to indulge us with her work was Dr. Hannah Fry (@FryRsquared) UCL Mathematics lecturer. She was so engaging, charismatic and witty alongside insanely intelligent! Her talk was so engaging and covered predicting the future with maths, or just making the present a little bit easier?

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Then came Konnie Huq (@RealKonnieHuq), science enthusiast and ex Blue Peter presenter! She studies science as a young adult, however then merged it with performing arts and media. She explained how rounded teaming art and science can make the world.

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Next was Roma Agrawal (@RomaTheEngineer), a structural engineer who helped create the Shard (if it sinks…..). She displayed such passion for her job and explained how being an engineering isn’t just sitting behind a desk, you have to engage and captivate your clients and the people around you.

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Then a whistle stop tour in genetics with Dr. Turi King. A constituent member of the Greyfriars project she contributed to unearthing the best ‘hide and seek’ participant ever, King Richard III. She combines her love of generics and history in her work and her passion is second to none.

The the more conventionally ‘artisitc’ side of Ada Lovelace day was display next with Naomi Kashiwagi (@naomikashiwagi). Her unconventional sounds made through a variety of objects was complimented by speaker Caro C, who synthesized everyday sounds to create electronic music.

[youtubevideo video=”r4aa1X5u7Ag“]

Last but by no means least was Dr. Helen Czerski  (@helenczerski), bubble physicist and oceanographer. Her love of playing with life’s ‘toys’ opened up our eyes to the inspiration in the world around us, and how we should never stop adventuring and discovering.

The whole evening was engaging, exciting and thoroughly enjoyable. Each speaker gave insight into their passion and truly displayed the achievements of women around the world.


Twitter: @Finding Ada
Reporter: Aspen Glencross @GollumCrackCorn & Patner in crime Freya Rose Tanner