Boqueria Tapas Queenstown


Tapas is by far one if my favourite foods, I love the idea of sharing dishes with friends and family. Fling in some sunshine and it’s easy to feel like I’m in Spain.

Not quite Spain but almost is Boqueria in trendy Battersea on Queenstown Road. This beautiful converted restaurant with Spanish baskets attached the ceiling feels like an authentic continental tavern. There is also another Boqueria on Acre Lane in Brixton.

The first thing that struck me upon entering the restaurant was the friendliness of the staff who were smiling and willing to help everyone who walked in. The upmarket feel of the restaurant provides an air of calm, and after a really busy working day it was just what the doctor ordered.

The food was great! We ate so many dishes it’s hard to describe them all but here are my favourites.

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The Russian Salad was gorgeous, think of the best potato based salad you have eaten and multiply that by ten. Offset with crunchy bread sticks it was the perfect accompaniment to our dishes.

We also had lamb chops which were with potatoes and cooked with garlic and white wine. The lamb chops were so tendered and cooked to perfection, not to rare and not to overdone, with the beautiful pinkness you expect to see inside great tasting meat.

We also tried the mini burgers, they were so cute. I actually forgot to take a picture of them, they were served with lightly salted potatoes chips and were delicious. I love beef and they were just enough to get you salivating.

I know you must be thinking where the traditional Tapas dishes are, we had lots of traditional dishes like Patatas Bravas, Croquettes with ham and chicken, grilled prawns with garlic and chilli. Basically
everything was tasty and authentic; it is somewhere you must try. We only ate around 7 dishes from the menu and there were a huge amount of dishes we did not get to try, I can say that I will be spending time there again, savouring the delights I did not get to tuck in to.

Before I go I need to mention my favourite part of the meal, the desserts, they were amazing. I love sweet things, so I convinced my friend that we should try everything on the menu, as the desserts can
be served in a smaller version. Hold on to your seats this is what I ate (my friend mainly watched me in disgust). I had triple chocolate tart, caramelized creamy custard, cheesecake with raspberry, Santiago almond cake and dessert wine. I can promise you that every dessert was like eating tiny fairies, may sound weird but everything was so moreish, and well put together I could have eaten it a hundred times over. We tried both the white and red dessert wine and both were lush. Dessert wines can be quite heavy but the white version sold at Boqueria, was light and refreshing and the sherry version offset the chocolate desserts perfectly.

So should you visit Boqueria? Well that is a non-question. Yes Yes Yes.

Click below to find the closest Boqueria to you. Happy Tapas Eating