The treat hailed as ‘Aussie gold’ consists of two wafers of malted biscuit which sandwich a creamy chocolate filling, with the whole thing being held together by an outer layer of chocolate.

It’s great news for the 87,000* Australians living in the UK and craving a taste from home, plus the millions of Brits who have been waiting for decades to try the famous Aussie snack.

The chocolate covered biscuit, perfect with an afternoon cuppa, can be found in the Waitrose menu on the Deliveroo app. Customers who live in major cities including London, Manchester, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Newcastle, Southampton and Cardiff can benefit from the listing.

The launch on Deliveroo comes in response to unprecedented demand for Tim Tam from Waitrose in-store and online. Reviews from Waitrose customers who have ordered them say ‘Incomparable to penguins, thank you for finally bringing these incredible biscuits to the uk’ and ‘would always choose these over any biscuit, aussie’s just do it better’ (sic).

Tim Tam biscuits. Picture date: Tuesday April 16, 2024. Photo credit: Deliveroo/Dominic Lipinski

What’s more, thanks to a new dedicated ‘Tim Tam Slam’ bundle on the app containing Tim Tams and a selection of hot drink ingredients such as tea bags and coffee granules, Brits can secure everything they need to take part in the famous Tim Tam Slam challenge loved by Aussies.

The challenge involves nibbling at the two diagonal corners of the treat, dunking one end into a hot drink, slurping the hot drink through the middle of the Tim Tam like a straw, and then ‘slamming’ it into your mouth before it melts and falls into the hot drink.

Suzy McClintock, VP of New Verticals at Deliveroo, said:  “Having lived in Australia, I am personally thrilled that I can now buy my favourite biscuit on Deliveroo and have it delivered to my door or office desk in double quick time. We hope Deliveroo’s Aussie customers will be excited to hear they can now enjoy a taste from home, in their UK home, thanks to our national partnership with Waitrose.”

Ashleigh Shering, Biscuit Buyer at Waitrose, said: “We’ve seen incredible demand for Tim Tams at Waitrose since we launched, with week on week sales up 74% as customers have been racing to get their hands on the Australian cult biscuit. We’re delighted to be helping even more people get their hands on the treat through our partnership with Deliveroo.”

For a limited time only, Waitrose and Deliveroo are running a money-saving offer on Tim Tams offering customers a 20% saving when they place an order containing the product on 25th April.  

Customers can order from Waitrose stores today through the Deliveroo app, or online. Download the app hereApp link will direct people to their device’s app store.