67% of Brits consider access to tea during their working day as crucial for their wellbeing and state that breaking for tea makes them more productive and focused 

Leading workplace provider Clockwise conducts study to support optimum performance during the workday 

In a world where the pace of work seems relentless; flexible workspace provider Clockwise is championing the humble tea break as a vital tool for enhancing wellbeing and productivity, as the nation requires more enforced tea breaks. With recent data revealing that 67% of Brits consider access to tea during their working day as crucial for their wellbeing1, Clockwise is leading the charge in recognising the importance of this cherished tradition. 

Discovered in a recent survey conducted by Clockwise, a staggering 55% of Brits reported feeling significantly more productive after indulging in a tea and biscuit break2. Furthermore, 51% of respondents felt that their level of focus and concentration increased notably post-tea break3, while an equal percentage reported feeling motivated and inspired4

As one survey respondent aptly commented, “Tea breaks make me more productive when I step away from my desk to take them.” Another highlighted the mental benefits, stating, “Not just a pick-me-up, tea breaks allow me to pause, be introspective, and in turn carry on with my day at the same level of intensity and productivity throughout.” 

Clockwise believes that promoting the importance of tea breaks isn’t just about enhancing productivity; it’s about prioritising employee wellbeing. “Tea breaks give me a minute to collect my thoughts,” says another survey participant. “They’re a great thing mentally through the day to step away and reset with a tea, biscuit, and chat. A great thing to remind everyone to do.” 

With 42% of Brits acknowledging that they feel more productive on days when they take more tea breaks5, it’s evident that integrating this simple ritual into the workday can yield significant benefits. 

But it’s not just about the tea; it’s about the experience. Clockwise’s survey revealed that 81% of participants enjoy biscuits with their tea, with the majority opting for three biscuits per serving6. This combination of tea and biscuits creates a ritualistic experience that fosters focus and camaraderie among colleagues. 

In a world where the line between work and personal life often blurs, Clockwise is committed to championing practices that support holistic wellbeing. By recognising the value of something as simple as a tea break, employers can pave the way for a healthier, happier workforce.