Alcotraz – Two new Pop-ups

Get ready to get locked up in London’s most creative cocktail bar in two brand new locations! Alcotraz, the notorious prison themed bar in London is coming to Convent Garden and Brighton. Opening on October 4th, the new Cell Block will emerge in the heart of London’s West End for three months, and the Brighton branch will open at the end of October. 

If you’re a fan of Orange Is the New Black or Prison Break, you will love Alcotraz. The experience begins as soon as a ticket has been purchased. Guests – or inmates – are given their own Alcotraz processing number and instructions to bring their liquor and covertly meet the Crooked Guard.The goal is simple: sneak alcohol past The Warden and smuggle it into Alcotraz’s where the long standing prisoners who will turn your contraband into delicious cocktails. It wouldn’t be prison without the iconic orange jumpsuits, which every guest is given upon entry as the storyline plays out. 

Not only will this bar behind bars let you experience the life of a convict for an evening, some of the money will go towards a Switchback, who helps raise funds and awareness for prison-leavers. Switchback helps young Londoners find a way out of the justice system and rebuild a stable life.

Alcotraz can accommodate up to 40 inmates at a time, Alcotraz has combined world class cocktails with a theatrical experience. Tickets cost 34.99 which includes four cocktails from liquor you have brought in and can be booked online. 

Dates: October 4th to January 4th 2020

Website: https://www.alcotraz.co.uk

Written by Lisa Leroux