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Alice in Streamingland: The Must-See Binge-Worthy Musical Pantomime this Winter

It’s an understatement to say that theatre has been sorely missed over lockdown, which is why it was such a treat to soak up the drama of Phoenix Art Club’s flamboyant new show, Alice in Theatreland.

Hailed as a “pansexual musical pantomime”, Alice in Streamingland is a hilariously camp, Gen Z take on Alice in Wonderland, in which ‘TokTik’- obsessed Alice streams her journey down the rabbit hole into Interflixland, Disney C Minusland and iPlayerland as she struggles to get home. Along the way, she meets all the familiar Wonderland characters – but with a twist. The shotgun-toting Joe Exotic playing The White Rabbit is a huge crowd-pleaser, while the Queen of Hearts’ salacious, quick-wit had viewers cowering in their seats.

Side-note: if you haven’t been dedicating your lockdown life to watching the likes of Schitt’s Creek, The Crown, Ru Paul’s Drag Race and Tiger King, then the jokes will be lost on you. Which is totally your loss.

Though the storyline seems to go off on many different tangents, this really didn’t matter as the Alice in Streamingland provided a laugh a minute and some fantastic, high-spirited musical sing-alongs – again, very welcome after almost a year of being muted! Huge shoutout to the star of the show, Matt Bateman, who was a joy to watch on stage and whose character, the Mad Hatter, performed the standout song of the show, ‘The Not a Disney Song Song’ – a hysterical medley comprising of the first six notes of Disney songs.

This review was written before the 16th December. Now that London is in tier 3, we await to see Alice in Streamingland back in the theatre.

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Written by Michelle Tonta

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